Ainsdale Reserve Circular (5 miles)

5m circular around Ainsdale Nature Reserve 
with woodland sections, dune sections, coastal views and ponds.

Food and drink available in Ainsdale.

Parking near start PR8 3TX

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 30384 11388    SatNav: 53.59442639,-3.05329543
None Take path South off Coastal Road
02Pinfold OS Grid Ref: SD 30390 11193    SatNav: 53.59266892,-3.05316668
None Follow substantal path South West along edge of woodland.
03Airfield OS Grid Ref: SD 29625 09997    SatNav: 53.58181680,-3.06445342
None Follow path as it makes its way into treeline.
04Fishermans OS Grid Ref: SD 28896 09321    SatNav: 53.57565073,-3.07531100
None Turn West (right) at path junction along Fishermans path.
05Notice Board OS Grid Ref: SD 28160 09718    SatNav: 53.57911607,-3.08651190
None At notice board turn NW (right) into dunes. Path through dunes runs between high dunes and woodland, it is marked with wayposts but these can be difficult to follow due to scrub.
06Massams Slack OS Grid Ref: SD 28193 10228    SatNav: 53.58370211,-3.08612566
None Continue NW through dunes on path running parallel to high dunes and
woods following way markers where possible. Towards end of this section you may need to deviate from formal path due to ponds.
07Pond Turn OS Grid Ref: SD 29509 12112    SatNav: 53.60080936,-3.06667965
None Path turns East (right) through dunes and ponds.
08Signpost OS Grid Ref: SD 29940 11911    SatNav: 53.59906170,-3.06011897
None At waypost branch South (right).
09Nature Reserve OS Grid Ref: SD 29927 11674    SatNav: 53.59693513,-3.06026917
None Take gate beside nature reserve board and continue South towards
woodland avoiding wet areas as appropriate.
10Wood Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 29934 11333    SatNav: 53.59386605,-3.06007605
None Turn West (left) following well defined path into woodland.
11Exit Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 30375 11298    SatNav: 53.59361000,-3.05341000
None At wood edge turn North (left) on substantial track back to start.
12Coastal Road OS Grid Ref: SD 30342 11417    SatNav: 53.59468109,-3.05393916
None Back at start.

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