Appley Bridge Gathurst Circular (6 mile)

6 mile circular walk starting from Appley Bridge ascending 
towards Ashurst Beacon before descending over Dean Brook to Gathust 
and via Leeds Liverpool canal back to start.

Parking at start [WN6 9AN]

Refreshments available at Appley Bridge, Bank Top and Gathust Station.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 52312 09220    SatNav: 53.57739415,-2.72169247
None Take Appley Lane briefly South over Leeds Liverpool Canal and River
02Douglas Turn OS Grid Ref: SD 52302 09190    SatNav: 53.57712660,-2.72183194
None Take path West (right) initially beside River Douglas before bearing
South over farmland and through woodland onto Lees Lane.
03Lees Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 51527 09035    SatNav: 53.57566144,-2.73351565
None Leave Lees Lane taking footpath, no footpath sign, SW (right) through
gateway and then into woodland.
04Long Heys OS Grid Ref: SD 51263 08683    SatNav: 53.57247614,-2.73744240
None Turn East (left) along Long Heys Lane.
05Stonehall Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 51485 08487    SatNav: 53.57073050,-2.73406282
None Take Stonehall Lane SW (right)
06Manchester View OS Grid Ref: SD 50827 07853    SatNav: 53.56497062,-2.74390116
None Continue on track as it turns south (left) to pass by Stone Hall. Excellent views East over Winter Hill, Manchester and Pennines.
07Farley Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 50914 07307    SatNav: 53.56007667,-2.74250641
None Briefly turn East (left) along Farley Lane.
08Delph OS Grid Ref: SD 51100 07304    SatNav: 53.56006000,-2.73970000
None Leave Farley Lane on footpath to continue East over grassland.
09Cemetry OS Grid Ref: SD 51768 07206    SatNav: 53.55924821,-2.72958889
None Upon reaching Roby Mill Lane turn North (left).
10Crocodile Walk OS Grid Ref: SD 51755 07327    SatNav: 53.56033157,-2.72980347
None Take footpath East (right) between houses then beside stream.
11Gabriel Turn OS Grid Ref: SD 52132 07342    SatNav: 53.56049726,-2.72411719
None Turm North (left) up slope along fileld boundary
12Ayrefield Drive OS Grid Ref: SD 52131 07605    SatNav: 53.56286782,-2.72418156
None Take Ayrefield Drive East (right).
13Permissive Path OS Grid Ref: SD 52572 07632    SatNav: 53.56314820,-2.71752968
None Follow path iniitially beside duck pond and then East beside field
14Green Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 53300 07531    SatNav: 53.56230387,-2.70651385
None Cross stile beside fence and continue on path as it follows boundary
fence down slope.
15Dean Walk OS Grid Ref: SD 53377 07553    SatNav: 53.56251097,-2.70536318
None Take path East (right) as it makes its way down to Dean Brook, take
bridge over Dean Brook to continue on path under M6.
16Gathurst Road OS Grid Ref: SD 53952 07262    SatNav: 53.55994921,-2.69662991
None Turn North (left) along Gathurst Road.
17Canal OS Grid Ref: SD 54046 07416    SatNav: 53.56133844,-2.69523516
None Take canal towpath NW (left).
18Leeds Liverpool OS Grid Ref: SD 53287 07714    SatNav: 53.56395110,-2.70673647
None Continue on towpath.
19Towpath OS Grid Ref: SD 52765 08395    SatNav: 53.57002000,-2.71472000
None Continue North along towpath.
20Herons Wharf OS Grid Ref: SD 52603 09173    SatNav: 53.57700000,-2.71729000
None Continue along canal towpath as it turns West.
21The End OS Grid Ref: SD 52319 09240    SatNav: 53.57757251,-2.72158518
None Ascend to Appley Brisge Road.

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