Bamfurlong Circular Walk (5 miles)

Walk starts from Viridor Wood car park
(01 start on map) and follows anti clockwise circular
route via Viridor Wood and Three Sisters Park.
Parking at start (WN4 8TW)

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 59355 00721    SatNav: 53.50160660,-2.61422908
None Parking at Viridor Wood. Take footpath on South side of car park by trees along SE boundary.
02Wood Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 59679 00636    SatNav: 53.50085996,-2.60932600
None Continue SE on path through trees,
03Boundary OS Grid Ref: SD 59851 00427    SatNav: 53.49899648,-2.60670280
Continue SE on path via trees.
04Good Path OS Grid Ref: SD 60083 00222    SatNav: 53.49717122,-2.60318911
None Take good quality path NE beside stream.
05North OS Grid Ref: SD 60211 00289    SatNav: 53.49778390,-2.60126865
None Continue North on path.
06Tunnel OS Grid Ref: SD 60138 00925    SatNav: 53.50350000,-2.60244000
None Take path West
07Go West OS Grid Ref: SD 60016 00849    SatNav: 53.50279993,-2.60427809
Continue West on track.
08Fish Lakes OS Grid Ref: SD 59815 00920    SatNav: 53.50342529,-2.60731435
None Head North off good path via fishing ponds and across field to Epsom
09Epsom Drive OS Grid Ref: SD 59838 01354    SatNav: 53.50733044,-2.60701927
None Take Epsom Drive and then Furlong Close NW to A58
10Lilly Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 59742 01465    SatNav: 53.50831942,-2.60848916
None Briefly head SW along Lilly Lane.
11School OS Grid Ref: SD 59670 01414    SatNav: 53.50786003,-2.60956200
None Take footpath North between houses until field boundary turns West at
this point head North across field to footpath marker to East of copice.
12Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 59674 01867    SatNav: 53.51193063,-2.60955667
None Take footpath West along south side of trees.
13Coppice OS Grid Ref: SD 59525 01913    SatNav: 53.51233257,-2.61181506
None Follow path North around coppice.
14Sweetcorn OS Grid Ref: SD 59527 02056    SatNav: 53.51361491,-2.61179900
Turn West along North side of trees.
15Tree Line OS Grid Ref: SD 59441 02109    SatNav: 53.51408701,-2.61310792
Continue West along North side of trees.
16Pheasants OS Grid Ref: SD 59334 02134    SatNav: 53.51429753,-2.61472797
Continue West along North side of trees.
17Gateway OS Grid Ref: SD 59203 02194    SatNav: 53.51483342,-2.61670741
None Continue West on farm track across field.
18Mid Field OS Grid Ref: SD 59052 02249    SatNav: 53.51531188,-2.61898732
Continue West on track.
19Duck Path OS Grid Ref: SD 58882 02237    SatNav: 53.51519067,-2.62155684
None Continue West along South side of trees.
20Airfield OS Grid Ref: SD 58694 02179    SatNav: 53.51465479,-2.62438393
None Take footpath South.
21Path OS Grid Ref: SD 58743 01988    SatNav: 53.51293866,-2.62362218
None Continue South on path beside farm buildings.
22Bryn Gates OS Grid Ref: SD 58634 01719    SatNav: 53.51051426,-2.62523150
None Exit onto Bryn Gates Lane via gate and head briefly West along lane.
23Leave Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 58479 01714    SatNav: 53.51046322,-2.62756499
None Take footpath South off lane.
24Junction OS Grid Ref: SD 58502 01616    SatNav: 53.50958274,-2.62720561
None Take path West along Northern boundary.
25Railtrack OS Grid Ref: SD 58027 01546    SatNav: 53.50891281,-2.63435101
None Follow path as it bears South.
26Wide Path OS Grid Ref: SD 57862 01354    SatNav: 53.50717730,-2.63681325
None Follow path South.
27Race Track OS Grid Ref: SD 57937 01201    SatNav: 53.50580543,-2.63567066
None Follow Three Sisters Road SW.Possible detour up Three Sisters mound for view over Winter Hill by path on North side of track entrance.
28Cafe OS Grid Ref: SD 58178 01069    SatNav: 53.50463771,-2.63201213
None Leave road and head South to lake.
29Lake Side OS Grid Ref: SD 58149 01029    SatNav: 53.50427399,-2.63245201
Follow footpath around North side of lake.
30Three Sis OS Grid Ref: SD 58082 01075    SatNav: 53.50468876,-2.63346052
Path heads South along East side of lake.
31Fisherman OS Grid Ref: SD 58059 01017    SatNav: 53.50415913,-2.63380384
Continue South around lake.
32Kestrel Drive OS Grid Ref: SD 58198 00765    SatNav: 53.50190653,-2.63166881
None Head NE along path.
33Fairy Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 58639 01354    SatNav: 53.50723472,-2.62509739
None Take path East.
34Way Out OS Grid Ref: SD 58706 01338    SatNav: 53.50709435,-2.62409425
None Follow substantial footpath South.
35Go South OS Grid Ref: SD 58725 01271    SatNav: 53.50650094,-2.62378848
Take path heading South.
36Go East OS Grid Ref: SD 58715 01008    SatNav: 53.50413361,-2.62391186
None Follow path heading East.
37Bend OS Grid Ref: SD 58859 00988    SatNav: 53.50396131,-2.62173390
Follow path South.
38South East OS Grid Ref: SD 58922 00871    SatNav: 53.50292117,-2.62076831
None Continue SE on path.
39Nearly OS Grid Ref: SD 59189 00766    SatNav: 53.50199587,-2.61672890
Head East on path
40Horses OS Grid Ref: SD 59302 00775    SatNav: 53.50208521,-2.61503375
Take path SE towards Bolton Road.
41Bolton Road OS Grid Ref: SD 59342 00724    SatNav: 53.50162575,-2.61441684
Cross road back to starting carpark.

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