Barber Booth Edale Circular (4 miles)

4m circular route from Barber Booth via 
section of Pennine Way, Grindsbrook and Edale.

Refreshments Grindsbrook and Edale

Parking at start [S33 7ZL]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SK 11323 84774    SatNav: 53.35972104,-1.83132921
None Follow track East past Methodist Church.
02Rail Track OS Grid Ref: SK 11131 84836    SatNav: 53.36028128,-1.83420454
None After crossing railtrack follow track as it turns SW (left).
03Whitmore OS Grid Ref: SK 11044 84798    SatNav: 53.35994193,-1.83552419
None Continue on track as it turns NW (right)
04Upper Booth OS Grid Ref: SK 10315 85335    SatNav: 53.36478859,-1.84645687
None Turn East (right) to join The Pennine Way.
05Broadlee OS Grid Ref: SK 10861 85551    SatNav: 53.36671878,-1.83824931
None Continue East on well defined Pennine Way.
06Bank Tor OS Grid Ref: SK 11162 85558    SatNav: 53.36676999,-1.83372174
None Continue West along substantial path.
07Pennine Way OS Grid Ref: SK 11578 85770    SatNav: 53.36867449,-1.82746415
None Continue West on well used path.
08Grindsbrook OS Grid Ref: SK 12285 85977    SatNav: 53.37051808,-1.81682115
None Follow road South (right) through Grindsbrook, refeshments and
information centre here.
09Peak Centre OS Grid Ref: SK 12314 85576    SatNav: 53.36690763,-1.81641345
None Take footpath West (right) beside Peak Centre
10Shaw Wood OS Grid Ref: SK 11792 85362    SatNav: 53.36499986,-1.82426696
None Follow path SW (left) towards rail track.
11Rail Bridge OS Grid Ref: SK 11384 84968    SatNav: 53.36146578,-1.83040385
None Cross rail track South via bridge
12Barber Booth OS Grid Ref: SK 11446 84864    SatNav: 53.36053099,-1.82948117
None Follow path SW (right) past Old Dairy to start.
13The End OS Grid Ref: SK 11330 84772    SatNav: 53.35970983,-1.83122997
None All Done.

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