Bickerstaffe Circular (8 miles)

8 mile circular route starting at Bickerstaff and initially following 
country roads to  Dairy Farm Lane then via farm tracks and over rail track to  
Newbridge Fishing Lakes.  Further farm tracks lead  back to to Bickerstaffe 
via site of Bickerstaffe Hall.

Parking at start  L39 0EH

Bus 152, 753  to Bickerstaffe

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 44591 04193    SatNav: 53.53145700,-2.83739090
None Take Intake Lane SE from Bickerstaffe Village. Pedestrian footpath is not available
for third of this section so take care to face any on coming traffic.
02Ben Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 45737 02871    SatNav: 53.51969620,-2.81988140
None Turn SW (right) along Ben Lane.
03Ben Bend OS Grid Ref: SD 45150 02296    SatNav: 53.51446520,-2.82863620
None Continue to follow Ben Lane as it turns NW (right)
04Coach Road OS Grid Ref: SD 44849 02390    SatNav: 53.51528180,-2.83318520
None Turn South (left) onto Coach Road and follow it as it passes over
rail track.
05Dairy Farm Road OS Grid Ref: SD 45685 00617    SatNav: 53.49943230,-2.82026770
None At Dairy Farm junction turn SW through gate to continue along farm
06Simonswood OS Grid Ref: SD 45398 00430    SatNav: 53.49772190,-2.82455920
None Turn NW (right) to take track beside Wild Goose Stack.
07Wild Goose OS Grid Ref: SD 44850 01022    SatNav: 53.50298040,-2.83292770
None Turn West (left) along farm track.
08Rail Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 44305 00869    SatNav: 53.50155100,-2.84112450
None Turn North (right) along path crossing over rail track. Good views East on bridge to
Winter Hill and Billinge Hill.
09New Bridge Lake OS Grid Ref: SD 44185 01322    SatNav: 53.50560940,-2.84301280
None Upon reaching road beside lake turn West (left).
10Stoppage Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 44013 01290    SatNav: 53.50530320,-2.84558770
None Turn briefly North (right) along Stoppage Lane.
11Sewage Works OS Grid Ref: SD 44064 01514    SatNav: 53.50731950,-2.84485820
None Immediately after entrance to sewage works turn West (left) to take
footpath along southern edge of field. Cross footbridge and pass by Voces Farm buildings.
12Voces Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 43358 01701    SatNav: 53.50892740,-2.85554410
None Having passed Voces Farm follow track North onto footpath along Western
side of field boundary.
13Back Line OS Grid Ref: SD 42945 02135    SatNav: 53.51278100,-2.86185260
None Join Back Lane and follow it North to New Way.
14New Way OS Grid Ref: SD 42630 02698    SatNav: 53.51780800,-2.86670210
None Turn East (right) along New Way.
15Voces Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 42802 02787    SatNav: 53.51862450,-2.86412720
None Turn North (left) along farm track, Voces Lane.
16Mercers Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 42613 03394    SatNav: 53.52405900,-2.86708830
None Turn East (right) along Mercers Lane.
17Ox Hey Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 42900 03348    SatNav: 53.52367630,-2.86275390
None Take footpath initially North (left) behind Ox Hey Farm and follow it
as it bends NE.
18Ox Hey Field OS Grid Ref: SD 43983 03990    SatNav: 53.52956940,-2.84653190
None Turn SE (right) taking footpath beside woodland.
19Hall Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 44331 03873    SatNav: 53.52854900,-2.84125330
None Turn NE (left) onto Hall Lane and follow it past Bickerstaffe Hall
back to start.
20The End OS Grid Ref: SD 44566 04208    SatNav: 53.53158460,-2.83777710
None All done.

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