Billinge Orrell Waterpark Circular (6 miles)

6m circular walk starting from base of Billinge Hill
and ascending it to enjoy views from highest point in 
Merseyside. The descent passes through woodland on route
to Orrell Waterpark. The return route follows West flank 
of Billinge Hill with more great views over Welsh and 
Cheshire hills back to start.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 52545 00133    SatNav: 53.49574973,-2.71679304
None At the end of Roby Well Lane turn briefly West (right) on Rainford
02B5205 OS Grid Ref: SD 52435 00169    SatNav: 53.49606246,-2.71845333
None Turn North (right) of Rainford Rd and begin gentle climb up Billinge
Hill. Take your time and enjoy views West (left).
03Exit Tarmac OS Grid Ref: SD 52537 01194    SatNav: 53.50528000,-2.71708000
None Immediately after U bend in tarmac road turn North (left) on path
following metal fence to Billinge Tower.
04Billinge Tower OS Grid Ref: SD 52570 01437    SatNav: 53.50747097,-2.71661870
None Having admired the all round view from highest point in Merseyside
make way North down slope towards and through Coppice Wood.
05Exit Coppice OS Grid Ref: SD 52733 01999    SatNav: 53.51253689,-2.71423689
None Leave Coppice Wood by metal gate and take path NE by front of houses.
06Upholland Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 53045 02250    SatNav: 53.51481444,-2.70957790
None Carefully cross Upholland Rd and take steps East down onto Longshaw Old Rd
07Longshaw Old Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 53160 02245    SatNav: 53.51478254,-2.70783983
None Take footpath North (left) off Longshaw Old Rd towards wood.
08Longshaw Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 53189 02618    SatNav: 53.51813804,-2.70745627
None Immediately before footbridge turn North (left) taking path beside
stream through Longshaw Wood and then along East side of Orrell Waterpark Lakes.
09Orrell Waterpark OS Grid Ref: SD 53184 03853    SatNav: 53.52923610,-2.70771376
None At North end of waterpark follow path South towards car park.
10Car Park OS Grid Ref: SD 53146 03699    SatNav: 53.52784900,-2.70826898
None Exit car park turning briefly South (left) along Lodge Lane then West
(right) along Sandy Lane.
11Gantley Road OS Grid Ref: SD 52691 03596    SatNav: 53.52688279,-2.71511666
None Turn South (left) along Gantley Road
12Upholland Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 52621 03501    SatNav: 53.52602816,-2.71615736
None At forked junction carefully turn North (right) along Upholland Road.
13Higher End OS Grid Ref: SD 52520 03653    SatNav: 53.52738343,-2.71770499
None Take footpath SW (left) beside house and follow it beside field
14Moorfield OS Grid Ref: SD 52242 03028    SatNav: 53.52173885,-2.72180877
None Follow footpath South West beside wood.
15Fishing Lake OS Grid Ref: SD 52005 02949    SatNav: 53.52100532,-2.72536002
None Follow footpath South (left) beside fishing lake
16Smethurst OS Grid Ref: SD 51953 02745    SatNav: 53.51916506,-2.72611372
None Join Smethust track and follow it South over farmland. Take time to enjoy views over Welsh Mountains and Mersey Estuary as you gently climb.
17Crank Road OS Grid Ref: SD 52153 01721    SatNav: 53.50998008,-2.72294603
None Briefly take Crank Rd SW (right)
18Golf Turn OS Grid Ref: SD 52110 01659    SatNav: 53.50942180,-2.72358439
None Leave Crank Road by turning South (left) onto path beside golf
19Below Tower OS Grid Ref: SD 52437 01263    SatNav: 53.50589174,-2.71859012
None Follow path beside golf course onto tarmac road and take it South
down hill.
20Horse Paddock OS Grid Ref: SD 52476 00737    SatNav: 53.50117282,-2.71791688
None Take footpath initially SE (left) beside horse paddock down slope and
then follow it South along stream bank.
21Roby Well Way OS Grid Ref: SD 52731 00295    SatNav: 53.49721606,-2.71401159
None Turn SW (right) along Roby Well Way back to start.
22The End OS Grid Ref: SD 52582 00154    SatNav: 53.49593960,-2.71624319
None Back at start. All Done.

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