Billinge Longshaw Circular (6 miles)

6 mile circular leaving Billinge by Garswood Rd, crossing 
Barton Clough on route to Chair Wood and then via Longshaw 
to top of Billinge Hill before descending back to Billinge.
Excellent views over Merseyside, Pennines, Welsh and Cheshire hills.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SJ 53345 99835    SatNav: 53.49314084,-2.70469628
None Take footpath East at end of Garswood Rd.
02Bluebell Hollow OS Grid Ref: SJ 54040 99554    SatNav: 53.49067382,-2.69417397
None Take footpath North (left)
03Newton Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 54127 00297    SatNav: 53.49736285,-2.69297234
None Carefully cross Newton Rd taking pedestrian path East (right) beside
04Billinge Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 54514 00234    SatNav: 53.49682674,-2.68713585
None Leave Billinge Rd by taking footpath North (left) and follow it
around field boundary.
05Hey Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 54771 00702    SatNav: 53.50105476,-2.68332444
None Path makes its way West (left) through wood and then heads North.
06Exit Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 54657 00735    SatNav: 53.50134000,-2.68504000
None Leave wood via footbridge and follow path as it curves North around
field boundary.
07Rusty Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 54652 01228    SatNav: 53.50577000,-2.68519000
None Cross rust coloured brook via stile and take path NW (left) along
field boundary.
08Wigan Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 54029 01451    SatNav: 53.50772620,-2.69462458
None Before carefully crossing Wigan Rd, admire the view of Manchester
behind you, then take footpath initially beside Chair Wood then North (right) through Chair Wood.
09Park Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 53652 02244    SatNav: 53.51482082,-2.70041815
None Cross Park Rd to pick up path heading North along field boundary.
10New House OS Grid Ref: SD 53607 02538    SatNav: 53.51746027,-2.70114235
None Turn West (left) on substantial track and continue on it as it turns North (right)
11Longshaw OS Grid Ref: SD 53343 02637    SatNav: 53.51832782,-2.70513348
None Turn West (left) to take path over footbridge then along side of
12Upholland Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 52921 02525    SatNav: 53.51728165,-2.71148495
None Carefully cross Upholland road and head briefly South (left).
13Downham OS Grid Ref: SD 53051 02237    SatNav: 53.51470121,-2.70947866
None Leave Upholland Rd via footpath heading West (right) between houses.
14Coppice Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 52724 01993    SatNav: 53.51247788,-2.71438173
None Enter Coppice Wood via metal gate and turn immediately NW (right) to
follow path around edge of wood.
15Trevelyan OS Grid Ref: SD 52615 02049    SatNav: 53.51297231,-2.71602861
None Take substantial path South (left) through Coppice Wood and ascend
Billinge Hill.
16Billinge Hill Tower OS Grid Ref: SD 52551 01423    SatNav: 53.50733857,-2.71689765
None Take time to admire the views then carefully descend Billinge Hill
south in direction of distant power station to tarmac road, turn West (right) along tarmac road.
17Houghwood Golf OS Grid Ref: SD 52463 01199    SatNav: 53.50532000,-2.71819000
None Continue South on tarmac track down slope beside golf course.
18Crookhurst OS Grid Ref: SD 52553 00342    SatNav: 53.49763000,-2.71670000
None Pass through metal gate by Crookhurst farm to continue on tarmac down
19Rainford Road OS Grid Ref: SD 52428 00179    SatNav: 53.49615341,-2.71855793
None Carefully cross Rainford Rd and turn SE (left) taking road back to
20Spar Corner OS Grid Ref: SJ 52912 99904    SatNav: 53.49372486,-2.71123282
None Follow Rainford Rd as it turns North (left) through village..
21Garswood Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 52989 00021    SatNav: 53.49478119,-2.71008752
None Turn East (right) down Garswood Rd back to start.
22The End OS Grid Ref: SJ 53299 99844    SatNav: 53.49321743,-2.70538292
None All done.

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