Borsdane Wood Circular (5 miles)

Walk starts from Mill Lane in Hindley
(01 start on map) and follows clockwise circular route 
via Borsdane Wood and Westhaughton Common.
Parking at start [WN2 4BT]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 62485 05178    SatNav: 53.54189150,-2.56757150
None Parking available in Hindley Mill Lane. Take lane North.
02Mill Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 62472 05332    SatNav: 53.54327500,-2.56779680
None Continue North under railway.
03Borsdane1 OS Grid Ref: SD 62504 05441    SatNav: 53.54425990,-2.56731400
None Keep North on path.
04Borsdane2 OS Grid Ref: SD 62311 05671    SatNav: 53.54631270,-2.57025900
None Continue North on path.
05Borsdane3 OS Grid Ref: SD 62468 06129    SatNav: 53.55044330,-2.56794700
None Continue North along path.
06Borsdane4 OS Grid Ref: SD 62791 06379    SatNav: 53.55271570,-2.56310290
None Continue North
07Borsdane5 OS Grid Ref: SD 62997 06727    SatNav: 53.55585780,-2.56003980
None Continue North on path.
08Borsdane6 OS Grid Ref: SD 62819 06952    SatNav: 53.55786220,-2.56274880
None Keepth North on path.
09Exit Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 62828 07209    SatNav: 53.56017240,-2.56264690
None Take path SE up hill and through farm buildings.
10Bank Top Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 63024 07065    SatNav: 53.55889460,-2.55966970
None Take footpath from SE corner of farm yard. Cross wide dyke taking track SE towards Taylors Farm.
11Taylors Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 63349 07009    SatNav: 53.55841030,-2.55475050
None Take Dodd Lane North on West side of buildings.
12Radcliffe Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 63413 07184    SatNav: 53.55999070,-2.55381170
None Take trackway SE on south side of farm.
13South East OS Grid Ref: SD 63654 07015    SatNav: 53.55849310,-2.55014780
None Continue SE towards North side of coppice.
14Copse OS Grid Ref: SD 63779 06932    SatNav: 53.55775390,-2.54825420
None Cross stile to follow path East.
15Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 64014 06911    SatNav: 53.55758000,-2.54471000
None Make way around South side of pond and continue South East on path.
16Carlies OS Grid Ref: SD 64256 06792    SatNav: 53.55652700,-2.54103910
None Cross track and continue East.
17Long Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 64312 06780    SatNav: 53.55642190,-2.54019680
None Head SE on Long Lane.
18Willow Bank OS Grid Ref: SD 64451 06630    SatNav: 53.55508030,-2.53807250
None Take path South through trees.
19Golf Course OS Grid Ref: SD 64337 06449    SatNav: 53.55344550,-2.53976770
None Follow path SW along edge of golf course.
20Cross Here OS Grid Ref: SD 64127 06247    SatNav: 53.55161620,-2.54292190
None Carefully head West across golf course.
21Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 63980 06281    SatNav: 53.55191570,-2.54514280
None Briefly take path South.
22Cross Field OS Grid Ref: SD 63960 06211    SatNav: 53.55128470,-2.54544320
None Take path West across field.
23Field End OS Grid Ref: SD 63800 06233    SatNav: 53.55146640,-2.54785190
None Turn SW along substantial track.
24Good Track OS Grid Ref: SD 63739 06176    SatNav: 53.55095330,-2.54876380
Continue West on track,
25Wilson Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 63569 06202    SatNav: 53.55117640,-2.55133340
None Take Jacks Lane South through farm buildings.
26Jacks Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 63678 05886    SatNav: 53.54834620,-2.54965970
None Continue South on Jacks Lane.
27Railway OS Grid Ref: SD 63545 05674    SatNav: 53.54643060,-2.55164450
None Bear West along track.
28Borsdane OS Grid Ref: SD 62859 05882    SatNav: 53.54825060,-2.56201930
None Turn South at pond.
29Keep South OS Grid Ref: SD 62748 05682    SatNav: 53.54644340,-2.56366620
Continue South
30Higher Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 62682 05400    SatNav: 53.54390290,-2.56463180
None Leave track to take footpath West beside farm.
31Downhill OS Grid Ref: SD 62587 05409    SatNav: 53.54398260,-2.56605870
Carefully follow footpath down slope.
32Steps OS Grid Ref: SD 62506 05396    SatNav: 53.54385510,-2.56728180
None Take steps down to main path South.
33Tunnel OS Grid Ref: SD 62484 05322    SatNav: 53.54319210,-2.56760370
None Take tunnel south.
34End OS Grid Ref: SD 62514 05147    SatNav: 53.54162060,-2.56712620
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