Bryn Gates Circular (6 miles)

Walk starts from Wigan Flashes(01 start on map) 
and follows anti clockwise circular route via 
Bryn Gates Lane, Viridor Wood and canal tow path.
Parking at start (WN3 5PT).


01 Start OS Grid Ref: SD 57896 02909    SatNav: 53.52115280,-2.63651476
None Parking available at end of Killingham Close. Follow path East from end of Killigham Close, head South along path on West side of wood.
02Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 57998 02721    SatNav: 53.51947041,-2.63494566
None Cross bridge and continue Soiuth on path.
03Exit Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 58027 02414    SatNav: 53.51671467,-2.63447359
None Take path SW upon leaving wood
04Park House OS Grid Ref: SD 57834 02247    SatNav: 53.51519479,-2.63735160
None Briefly follow track SE around Park House ruin
05Park Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 57891 02174    SatNav: 53.51454567,-2.63649062
None At junction of several paths take well defined track South.
06Land Gate Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 57881 01693    SatNav: 53.51021851,-2.63657913
None Turn East on Land Gate Lane
07Railway OS Grid Ref: SD 58090 01722    SatNav: 53.51049924,-2.63342485
None Continue East over rail bridge.
08Bryn Gates Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 58580 01729    SatNav: 53.51060132,-2.62604341
None Follow lane East.
09Bryn Gates Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 58812 01586    SatNav: 53.50933803,-2.62252435
None Continue along lane.
10Compost Plant OS Grid Ref: SD 59308 01511    SatNav: 53.50870159,-2.61503294
Continue East on lane.
11Police Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 59511 01286    SatNav: 53.50669649,-2.61194572
None Take Lilly Lane NE.
12Furlong Close OS Grid Ref: SD 59725 01463    SatNav: 53.50829802,-2.60874853
None Turn SE down Furlong Close followed by Epsom drive.
13Epsom Drive OS Grid Ref: SD 59849 01347    SatNav: 53.50727075,-2.60686025
None At south end of drive continue south on path across field.
14Viridor Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 59827 00913    SatNav: 53.50336560,-2.60713920
None Turn East on winding path that passes under railway line.
15Swan Lake OS Grid Ref: SD 60405 00931    SatNav: 53.50356980,-2.59842739
None Continue SE on track.
16Hey Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 60680 00699    SatNav: 53.50150224,-2.59424314
None Cross footbridge over Hey Brook and pass in front of pub onto canal
17Towpath OS Grid Ref: SD 60747 00733    SatNav: 53.50182131,-2.59323463
None Take towpath North on West side of canal.
18Abram OS Grid Ref: SD 60520 01395    SatNav: 53.50774930,-2.59675369
Continue North on towpath.
19Lilly Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 60178 01888    SatNav: 53.51215167,-2.60196790
None Use road bridge to cross over to towpath on East side of canal.
20Rail Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 59901 02146    SatNav: 53.51444839,-2.60617361
Continue North along towpath.
21Turners Flash OS Grid Ref: SD 58329 03033    SatNav: 53.52230092,-2.62999162
Continue North on towpath.
22Cross Canal OS Grid Ref: SD 58332 03318    SatNav: 53.52486496,-2.62999162
None Take bridge over to West side of canal and head briefly south on
23Scotsmans Turn OS Grid Ref: SD 58296 03071    SatNav: 53.52264536,-2.63050661
None Turn West along footpath through woods.
24Hawkley OS Grid Ref: SD 58126 03006    SatNav: 53.52204738,-2.63305739
None Briefly turn South along path before bearing SW along path.
25Nearly There OS Grid Ref: SD 57937 02931    SatNav: 53.52135850,-2.63588980
None Continue West to exit gate.

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