Burtonwood Sankey Brook Circular (5 miles)

5 mile circular route starting from Burtonwood passing
moated Bradlegh Hall on way to Sankey Brook and historic 
Sankey Canal. Having completed the canal section the route
makes use of farm tracks to return to start.

Parking at start WA5 4HA.
Refreshments available at waypoint 13 

01Start OS Grid Ref: SJ 56494 93205    SatNav: 53.43381700,-2.65630450
None Take footpath East (left) at North end of Winsford Drive as it arcs
along line of houses.
02Lumber Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 57093 93364    SatNav: 53.43530145,-2.64730837
None Turn left upon reaching Lumber Lane and carefully cross to footpath
on its Northern side.
03Bradlegh OS Grid Ref: SJ 56923 93558    SatNav: 53.43702712,-2.64990474
None Take footpath North (right) across field keeping close to West
boundary of site of Bradlegh Hall.
04Viaduct View OS Grid Ref: SJ 57140 94246    SatNav: 53.44323415,-2.64672364
None At footpath post there is a good view of Sankey Viaduct to left. Turn West (right) here along well troden path over field and then down slope towards brook.
05Sankey Brook OS Grid Ref: SJ 57613 94417    SatNav: 53.44480613,-2.63963725
None Take footbridge over Sankey Brook to canal footpath. Turn SE (right) along canal side.
06Alder Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 58740 92900    SatNav: 53.43125704,-2.62247111
None Pass under Alder Lane and continue South on tarmac path.
07Old Alder Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 59112 92309    SatNav: 53.42597684,-2.61678483
None Turn West (right) along Old Alder Lane crossing Sankey Brook. No footpath so take care.
08Ikea View OS Grid Ref: SJ 58683 92291    SatNav: 53.42578505,-2.62324359
None Leave road (left) to take path West beside field boundary.
09Phipps Brook OS Grid Ref: SJ 58368 92200    SatNav: 53.42494118,-2.62796427
None At edge of Phipps Brook path heads briefly NW.
10Turbine OS Grid Ref: SJ 58194 92340    SatNav: 53.42617981,-2.63061430
None Follow path West around field boundary.
11Tan House OS Grid Ref: SJ 57608 92544    SatNav: 53.42797137,-2.63945486
None When footpaths meet branch West (left) on farm track along fence
onto Farmers Lane. No footpath on Farmers Lane so watch for traffic.
12Chapel Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 57062 92776    SatNav: 53.43000897,-2.64769460
None Turn West (left) along Chapel Lane.
13COOP Turn OS Grid Ref: SJ 56590 92824    SatNav: 53.43040049,-2.65480782
None Just before reaching COOP supermarket turn North (right) on footpath
running through houses.
14Aldridge OS Grid Ref: SJ 56727 93165    SatNav: 53.43347984,-2.65279080
None At field boundary turn West (left) following path beside houses back
to start.
15Winsford OS Grid Ref: SJ 56485 93182    SatNav: 53.43360927,-2.65643861
None Back at start.

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