Carr Mill Chadwick Green Circular (5 miles)

5m circular route crossing Carr Mill via 
causeway onto a rising  farmland section leading
to Newton Rd. Extensive views over Mersey Plain, 
Manchester and Cheshire Heights from  this midway 
point. Return route is via open farmland leading 
to woodland section back to lakeside.
Food and drink available in Brindle and waypoint 23.
Parking near start [WA11 7PQ]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SJ 52392 98076    SatNav: 53.47724173,-2.71879178
None Take path East beside metal gate off Carr Mill Road towards lake.
02Lakeside OS Grid Ref: SJ 52571 98156    SatNav: 53.47798240,-2.71609884
None Follow path beside lake as it turns North (left) beside lake.
03Arches OS Grid Ref: SJ 52382 98528    SatNav: 53.48130889,-2.71900635
None Take path East (right) as it passes over causeway.
04Calebs OS Grid Ref: SJ 52522 98620    SatNav: 53.48214526,-2.71690350
None Contine East up incline on substanntial path through trees.
05Hedges OS Grid Ref: SJ 52580 98594    SatNav: 53.48192000,-2.71603000
None Continue on path as its passes between hedges then bears East (right)
passing around Carters Fold Farm.
06Carters Fold OS Grid Ref: SJ 52800 98777    SatNav: 53.48357855,-2.71274071
None Continue East on good quality track.
07Chadwick OS Grid Ref: SJ 53122 98926    SatNav: 53.48494794,-2.70791274
None Path bears briefly North before bearing NE (right).
08Barrows OS Grid Ref: SJ 53458 99402    SatNav: 53.48926013,-2.70291846
None Continue North on good quality path turning West (left) immediatelly
after passing mound on right.
09Garswood OS Grid Ref: SJ 53490 99793    SatNav: 53.49277403,-2.70249467
None Turn North (right) of Garswood Road.
10Brookside OS Grid Ref: SD 53607 00112    SatNav: 53.49565259,-2.70078879
None Turn East (right) on substantial path.
11Blackley OS Grid Ref: SD 53865 00030    SatNav: 53.49493776,-2.69688349
None Turn North (left) in front of farm buildings taking track up slope.
12Newton Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 53925 00400    SatNav: 53.49826930,-2.69602519
None Upon reaching Newton Rd carefully cross it and turn East (right). Excellent views in front and right to Manchester, Cheshire, Mersey Estuary and Welsh Hills.
13Billinge Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 54140 00291    SatNav: 53.49730880,-2.69276898
None Carefully cross road to take South (right).
14Hurst Farm OS Grid Ref: SJ 54074 99906    SatNav: 53.49383995,-2.69371312
None Continue South on path as it bends left around field boundary. Upon reaching junction of paths turn briefly East (left).
15Bluebell OS Grid Ref: SJ 54111 99510    SatNav: 53.49028784,-2.69310158
None Turn South (right) taking bridge over stream. Upon reaching Arch Lane turn briefly East (left).
16Arch lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 54056 99219    SatNav: 53.48766745,-2.69389015
None Leave Arch Lane via pathway South West (right) across field.
17Hollin Hay OS Grid Ref: SJ 53640 98608    SatNav: 53.48213888,-2.70006459
None Exit field and turn NW (right) along pathway running between field
18Goyt OS Grid Ref: SJ 53274 98843    SatNav: 53.48421696,-2.70561676
None Upon reaching Goyt watecourse, do not cross footbridge, follow path
South (left) along Goyt.
19Woodland OS Grid Ref: SJ 53163 98320    SatNav: 53.47950841,-2.70720463
None Continue SW on path through woodland.
20Garswood Rd OS Grid Ref: SJ 52909 98083    SatNav: 53.47735666,-2.71099728
None Continue SW on Garswood Old Road
21Powerboat Club OS Grid Ref: SJ 52780 97921    SatNav: 53.47588805,-2.71292310
None Exit woodland beside powerboat club and follow road South beside
22East Lancs OS Grid Ref: SJ 52577 97633    SatNav: 53.47328273,-2.71593791
None Make way to edge of lake to take path running behind hotel. Refreshments available here.
23A571 OS Grid Ref: SJ 52369 97715    SatNav: 53.47400272,-2.71908145
None Head North on path between A571 and lake back to start.
24The End OS Grid Ref: SJ 52400 98066    SatNav: 53.47715233,-2.71866303
None All Done. Make way back to car.

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