Clitheroe River Ribble Circular (8 miles)

8m circular walk starting from Edisford  Bridge 
travelling along the South side of the River Ribble before 
crossing the river at  Gindleton to follow the North side 
of the river back to start.

Parking at start BB7 2FE

Bus 645 to start

Refreshments at start and Grindleton

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 72875 41456    SatNav: 53.86860000,-2.41399000
None Leave the car park and head West (right) along Edisford Rd past the
Spa shop.
02Spar Shop OS Grid Ref: SD 73334 41561    SatNav: 53.86957000,-2.40702000
None After passing the Spar shop car park take path North (left) as it
gently climbs via a series of gates.
03Chorley House OS Grid Ref: SD 73438 42023    SatNav: 53.87372750,-2.40547940
None Pass through gate and continue along tree lined path.
04Back Common OS Grid Ref: SD 73545 42121    SatNav: 53.87461000,-2.40385000
None Immediately after passing through gate turn West (right) down slope
to gate in corner of fiield. Pass through gate and turn sharply North (left) diagonally
up slope passing through another gate.
05Waddow View OS Grid Ref: SD 73528 42476    SatNav: 53.87780000,-2.40415000
None Follow the path North down some steps and along path to river and
head NW (right) besiide the river.
06Brungerly Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 73880 42809    SatNav: 53.88081000,-2.39881000
None Take steps up to Waddington Road, cross road to head briefly South
(right) along it.
07Brungerly Park OS Grid Ref: SD 73935 42759    SatNav: 53.88036000,-2.39798000
None Take gated path NW (left) into Brungerly Park in order to follow
Ribble Way which has been diverted away from the riverbank in parts due to erosion.
Keep to tarmac path as it ascends the slope following yellow diversion signs.
08Steps Down OS Grid Ref: SD 74284 43037    SatNav: 53.88288000,-2.39268600
None Take steps North (left) down the slope and continue to follow path via 'Otter' sculpture down to river bank
09Ribble Bank OS Grid Ref: SD 74328 43295    SatNav: 53.88520100,-2.39204800
None After passing through the gate follow Ribble Way footpath initially
NE as it follows the curve in the river.
10WBradford Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 74513 43912    SatNav: 53.89075900,-2.38928000
None Climb the stone steps which lead to the road at West Bradford bridge.
At the road cross over to a gate on the other side.
11WBradford Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 74519 43926    SatNav: 53.89087900,-2.38919400
None Use gate to rejoin footpath as it mostly follows riverbank before it
enters woodland at end of this section.
12River Bend OS Grid Ref: SD 75843 44578    SatNav: 53.89680890,-2.36910230
None Pass through gate and continue West towards road.
13Ribble Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 76463 44676    SatNav: 53.89771400,-2.35966800
None Pass through gate and descend steps to Ribble Lane. Turn NE (left) and carefully follow
the road which does not have a footpath.
14Grindleton Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 76107 44953    SatNav: 53.90019200,-2.36510800
None Cross over the bridge and follow the road towards the T-junction at
the bungalow.
15East Way OS Grid Ref: SD 75948 45147    SatNav: 53.90192000,-2.36755000
None At the T-junction turn East (left), sign posted to Waddington and
West Bradford.
16Ribble Av OS Grid Ref: SD 75913 45124    SatNav: 53.90171500,-2.36806900
None Turn South (left) down Ribble Avene and walk past the houses to a
path at the bottom of the road.
17Ribble Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 75952 45003    SatNav: 53.90062800,-2.36747900
None At the bottom of the path pass through the gate and turn (West)
right to resume the walk along the riverbank.
18Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 75752 44858    SatNav: 53.89932200,-2.37050400
None Cross footbridge and continue West along well defined track.
19Sewage Works OS Grid Ref: SD 75707 44775    SatNav: 53.89857300,-2.37118000
None Pass through the gate and continue on path West beside the river.
20Clitheroe Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 74553 44146    SatNav: 53.89285800,-2.38869000
None Pass through the wall and turn South (left) briefly along Clitheroe
21Leave Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 74471 43982    SatNav: 53.89138500,-2.38992300
None Just before crossing the bridge take the steps on North side of road
down into field. The path is initially close to the river before heading to NW corner of field.
22Path Junction OS Grid Ref: SD 74195 43839    SatNav: 53.89008000,-2.39410800
None Pass through gateway, head briefly North.
23Curve NW OS Grid Ref: SD 74185 43840    SatNav: 53.89009200,-2.39425800
None Pass throgh gate and follow path as it curves West (left) then SW via
24Wooden Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 73949 43589    SatNav: 53.88782500,-2.39784100
None Cross wooden bridge and enter foeld via stile. Path curves to SW (left) corner of field on
opposite boundary.
25Corner Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 73936 43516    SatNav: 53.88716800,-2.39801800
None Cross the stile and head South up the slope towards farm buildings. Route passes around the South
side of the farm and leads to Clitheroe Rd.
26Waddington Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 73837 42912    SatNav: 53.88173200,-2.39948300
None Briefly take Waddington Rd North (right).
27Waddow Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 73815 42998    SatNav: 53.88251000,-2.39981500
None After passing through the gate follow the good quality clearly
signposted paths
initially SW through the grounds of Waddow Hall.
28Hall Grounds OS Grid Ref: SD 73530 42797    SatNav: 53.88068900,-2.40413900
None Follow the footpath sign as path continues SW before curving West to
join Edisford Rd.
29Edisford Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 72973 42691    SatNav: 53.87970800,-2.41261000
None Turn South (left) onto Edisford Rd and carefully, no footpath, follow
down to the river.
30Stephen Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 72812 41933    SatNav: 53.87288620,-2.41497750
None Cross the bridge and turn South (right) on to the footpath beside the
river. When the
clear path ends head towards road between swimming pool and tennis buildings which leads back to start.
31The End OS Grid Ref: SD 72860 41447    SatNav: 53.86851600,-2.41420800
None All done.

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