Crook Standish Circular (6 miles)

6m Circular Walk starting from sports ground in Crook
then North onto Birley Pond, Birley & Elnup Woods exiting over 
Mill Brook to gently ascend to Birch Walk. Route then follows
boundary of Standish Park before heading back to start via
Giants Hall Farm and Standish Wood Lane.
Good views of Beacon Park and Winter Hill ridges from high points.

Parking at start WN6 8LB

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 55866 07592    SatNav: 53.56307520,-2.66778950
None Take path North between sports ground and overflow car park
02Pitch End OS Grid Ref: SD 55733 07795    SatNav: 53.56489130,-2.66982790
None Follow path as it turns East (right)
03Frodshum Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 55849 07885    SatNav: 53.56571010,-2.66808450
None Turn NW (left) off tarmac track to follow path beside entrance to
Frodshum Barn. Path bears West (left) infront of small war memorial.
04Birley Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 55269 08030    SatNav: 53.56695890,-2.67687140
None Take path North beside Birley pond into Birley Wood
05Birley Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 55179 08457    SatNav: 53.57078810,-2.67829300
None Continue North on path into Elnup Wood
06Elnup Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 55200 08986    SatNav: 53.57554710,-2.67804620
None Continue on path through Elnup Wood as is bears NW (left) in front of
Elnup Cottages.
07Mill Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 55036 09152    SatNav: 53.57702820,-2.68054070
None After crossing over Mill Brook turn sharply NE (right) along gently
ascending footpath passing site of catholic retreat.
08Beach Walk OS Grid Ref: SD 55868 09791    SatNav: 53.58284050,-2.66807910
None Just before school and house turn SE (right) along Beech Walk path.
09Prospect Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 56245 09462    SatNav: 53.57991690,-2.66233920
None Leave Prospect Rd to follow farm track South.
10Bridleway OS Grid Ref: SD 56270 09076    SatNav: 53.57644850,-2.66189930
None Turn East (left) onto bridleway and follow it as it curves past
Wakefields Farm and around South side of houses.
11Wakefield Crescent OS Grid Ref: SD 57024 09076    SatNav: 53.57650580,-2.65051600
None Follow Wakefield Crescent South (right). At End of road continue along footpath on South side of field boundary.
12Boers Head OS Grid Ref: SD 57349 08454    SatNav: 53.57094420,-2.64552180
None On reaching Boers Head Wood take track NE (left) to Wigan Rd.
13Wigan Road OS Grid Ref: SD 57521 08637    SatNav: 53.57260390,-2.64294680
None Turn South (right) to take road through Gridlaw Cemetery.
14Gridlow End OS Grid Ref: SD 57478 08028    SatNav: 53.56712780,-2.64352080
None Turn East (left) taking path towards rail line.
15Railtrack OS Grid Ref: SD 57655 08015    SatNav: 53.56702580,-2.64083860
None Turn South (right) to follow path initially parallel to railtrack
then bearing SW (right) before reaching green security fence. Follow this fence South (left).
16Green Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 57639 07610    SatNav: 53.56338430,-2.64103170
None Follow track heading West (right) through gateway in green security
fence and cross Gidlow Lane.
17Overbeck OS Grid Ref: SD 57174 07586    SatNav: 53.56312620,-2.64804300
None Continue NW on pathway between houses.
18Standish Wood Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 56778 07715    SatNav: 53.56426040,-2.65403510
None Turn NW (right) onto Standish Wood Lane and follow lane past Giants
19Speckled Holly OS Grid Ref: SD 56310 08260    SatNav: 53.56911570,-2.66118050
None Turn SW (left) along track in front of Speckled Holly cottage. Upon reaching Lower Wood Farm continue SW along footpath besdie field boundary.
20Alders OS Grid Ref: SD 55973 07831    SatNav: 53.56522900,-2.66621230
None Turn NW (right) along raised track.
21Frodshum Again OS Grid Ref: SD 55853 07883    SatNav: 53.56569100,-2.66802550
None Turn SW (left) in front of Frodshum Barn along wide track.
22Training Pitches OS Grid Ref: SD 55737 07792    SatNav: 53.56486700,-2.66977400
None Follow path as it turns South (left) between football pitches.
23The End OS Grid Ref: SD 55866 07592    SatNav: 53.56307500,-2.66778900
None All done, back at start.

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