Dinckley Bridge Circular

Walk starts from Baker Brow above Ribchester Bridge
(01 Start on map) and follows clockwise circular route via 
Dinckley Bridge.
Food and drink available in Ribchester.
Parking at start [PR3 3ZQ]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 66206 34939    SatNav: 53.80963505,-2.51467606
Start in Barker Brow car park on B6245 just South of bridge over
River Ribble Ribchester.
Head South from car park along main road.
02Ribchester Road OS Grid Ref: SD 66246 34658    SatNav: 53.80710956,-2.51404061
Leave Ribchester Rd by heading East via farm gate across field
towards wood.
03New Hall Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 66376 34672    SatNav: 53.80724344,-2.51207482
Use stile to enter wood and carefully make way over stream and up
bank on East side.
04New Hall Bank OS Grid Ref: SD 66421 34664    SatNav: 53.80717446,-2.51138541
When reach fence junction head East on path up ridge to track Lower
05Lower Cadshaw OS Grid Ref: SD 66527 34648    SatNav: 53.80703850,-2.50977692
Take gate onto track and head North on West side of Lower Cadshaw
before turning East along North sideof property.
06Cadshaw Boundary OS Grid Ref: SD 66600 34688    SatNav: 53.80740212,-2.50866858
Follow footpath North along hedge boundary to gate in hedge.
07Ribble view OS Grid Ref: SD 66562 35102    SatNav: 53.81112258,-2.50929287
Continue on path to stile over wire fence.
08Roman Road OS Grid Ref: SD 66384 35435    SatNav: 53.81410587,-2.51202763
Continue on footpath which passes over Roman Rd to stile in fence.
09De Tabley OS Grid Ref: SD 66314 35537    SatNav: 53.81501406,-2.51310459
Take path around North side of buildings to main road.
10Ribchester Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 66221 35653    SatNav: 53.81605057,-2.51452979
Cross Ribchester bridge.
11Ribble Way OS Grid Ref: SD 66201 35677    SatNav: 53.81626723,-2.51484244
At North side of bridge take track East along North bank of river.
12Dewhurst House OS Grid Ref: SD 66677 36144    SatNav: 53.82049238,-2.50766301
Follow footpath briefly south to river bank then East along river
13Haugh Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 67150 36460    SatNav: 53.82336922,-2.50050528
Cross footbridge into Haugh Wood and follow path as it tracks bend in
14Copy Scar OS Grid Ref: SD 67429 36237    SatNav: 53.82137665,-2.49624505
Exit Haugh Wood and head NE up slope towards field gateway.
15Footpath to sky OS Grid Ref: SD 67648 36382    SatNav: 53.82269657,-2.49293726
Pass north through gate and make way towards hedge line on West side
of field.
16Clough Bank OS Grid Ref: SD 67658 36550    SatNav: 53.82420411,-2.49279965
Take stile by gate and follow hedge NE to farm track.
17Hey Hurst OS Grid Ref: SD 67718 36612    SatNav: 53.82476740,-2.49189455
Take track briefly south past farm to footpath heading east across
18clough_bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 68030 36715    SatNav: 53.82570928,-2.48716213
Cross footbridge to continue East along North side of hedge.
19Bailey Junction OS Grid Ref: SD 68234 36757    SatNav: 53.82610574,-2.48407817
Take stile and continue East along North side of hedge.
20Trough House OS Grid Ref: SD 68594 36713    SatNav: 53.82572637,-2.47859029
Briefly head East along track to footpath on South side of track.
21Suspension Way OS Grid Ref: SD 68643 36710    SatNav: 53.82570274,-2.47784958
Take footpath south down incline to Dinckley suspension bridge.
22Dinkley Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 68593 36568    SatNav: 53.82442894,-2.47859683
Cross suspension bridge and take footpath West along South bank of
23Hollins Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 68066 36360    SatNav: 53.82252197,-2.48657498
Pass through gate and continue on footpath along river bank.
24Marles Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 67865 36133    SatNav: 53.82047226,-2.48961828
Take stile into Marles Wood and follow path on Northern boundary to
car park.
25Marles car park OS Grid Ref: SD 67606 35588    SatNav: 53.81555770,-2.49348359
Exit car park onto Ribchester Rd.
Briefly head West along road to footpath on South of road.
26Park Wood Footpath OS Grid Ref: SD 67520 35620    SatNav: 53.81583702,-2.49479743
Take stile South and follow footpath South along West side of Park
27Park Wood Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 67483 35399    SatNav: 53.81384779,-2.49533406
Cross stile and head SW to corner of field.
28North of Park Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 67378 35143    SatNav: 53.81154285,-2.49690291
Use stile to continue South to lilly ponds at SW corner of field.
29Lilly Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 67368 34875    SatNav: 53.80913171,-2.49702669
Cross stile beside gate and follow footpath SW along North side of
field boundary.
30Bradley Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 67175 34544    SatNav: 53.80614231,-2.49992349
Head NW on path parallel to Bradley Coppice to West.
31Bradley Coppice OS Grid Ref: SD 67009 34802    SatNav: 53.80845479,-2.50246539
Head North down center of field to Northern boundary.
32Bradley Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 66665 35134    SatNav: 53.81142073,-2.50772495
Cross footbridge and retrace route via waypoints 08, 09, 10 back to
bridge over River Ribble.
Head South along main road.
33Back to Car Park OS Grid Ref: SD 66227 35111    SatNav: 53.81118218,-2.51437775
Take gate off main road and follow footpath back to car park.

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