Downham Chatburn Circular (5 miles)

Walk starts from St Leonard Church on Downham main 
Street (01Start on map) and follows clockwise circular 
route via Worsaw Hill, Chatburn and packhorse bridge.

Parking at start [BB7 4BJ]

Food and drink available in Downham and Chatburn.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 78426 44298    SatNav: 53.89440216,-2.32977429
None St Leonard church Downham. Parking on main road or at waypoint 03West Lane. Excellent view of Pendle Hill from church yard. Head South down main street.
02Downham Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 78580 44115    SatNav: 53.89276336,-2.32741467
None Cross bridge and take road West (right).
03West Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 78520 44041    SatNav: 53.89209772,-2.32831668
None Take road West between cottages. Visitor centre North of cottages is worth a visit.
04Chestnut Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 78500 44033    SatNav: 53.89202304,-2.32862615
None Take gate North of Chestnut Cottage into field. Follow footpath SW along South side of hedge.
05Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 78204 43580    SatNav: 53.88793703,-2.33310292
None Pass through gate and head diagonally South across field.
06Worsaw Hill Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 78079 43120    SatNav: 53.88379788,-2.33496579
None Take gate North towards Worsaw Hill. Follow path on North side of wall around base of hill. Worth a climb to top of hill for view.
07Fossil Rocks OS Grid Ref: SD 77858 43055    SatNav: 53.88320368,-2.33832660
None Path heads NW (right) between smaller Warren Hill and larger Worsaw
Hill. Good place to find fossils in outcrops.
08Picked Acre Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 77524 43519    SatNav: 53.88735918,-2.34343998
None Take stile and head North across fields towrds A59.
09A59 OS Grid Ref: SD 77242 43860    SatNav: 53.89041748,-2.34775029
None Take stile and carefully cross A59 to path on North side of road.
10A59North OS Grid Ref: SD 77210 43890    SatNav: 53.89068244,-2.34824353
None Take path around house to Kayley lane.
11Kayley lane OS Grid Ref: SD 77182 44000    SatNav: 53.89166984,-2.34867779
None Take Kayley Lane North then first left down Pendle Ave to Downham
12Downham Road OS Grid Ref: SD 77040 44152    SatNav: 53.89302966,-2.35084983
None Ice cream shop 100 yards on left. Turn NE (right) along Downham Road.
13Bridge over A59 OS Grid Ref: SD 77480 44288    SatNav: 53.89427138,-2.34416487
None After crossing bridge take footpath North (left) into field via gate.Bear NE along south of hedge to gate.
14Field Boundary OS Grid Ref: SD 77600 44560    SatNav: 53.89672124,-2.34235890
Take gate and follow path NE beween hedges.
15Railway Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 77882 44920    SatNav: 53.89996896,-2.33809377
Cross bridge and continue NE along path.
16Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 78154 45138    SatNav: 53.90193986,-2.33396998
Follow path NE along north side of broken hedge to gate.
17Field Corner OS Grid Ref: SD 78360 45325    SatNav: 53.90362879,-2.33084852
None Take gate in field corner and follow path East (right) over
footbridge to Swanside Beck.
18Packhorse Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 78495 45388    SatNav: 53.90420111,-2.32879790
None Restored packhorse bridge. Good spot for a rest and cool feet. When rested head SW (right) along south of Swanside Beck.
19Tunnel under railway OS Grid Ref: SD 78540 45250    SatNav: 53.90296269,-2.32810327
None Pass under railway and follow path SE on South side of hedge to
Rimmington Lane/Green Lane.
20Rimmington Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 78778 45099    SatNav: 53.90162082,-2.32447199
None Cross road to track on opposite side, take track East.
21Pixie Rocks OS Grid Ref: SD 78851 45078    SatNav: 53.90143047,-2.32336071
None Use gate to take path South (right) towards Pixie Rock outcrop. Path turns SW between group of mounds towards Town End Croft Wood.
22Town End Croft Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 78510 44426    SatNav: 53.89555475,-2.32850527
None Use gate to exit field and take path around bungalow and via Pub back
to St Leonard Church.

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