Downham Worston Circular (5.9 miles)

Walk starts from Information Barn Downham
(01Start) and follows anticlockwise 
circular route via Worsaw Hill, Worston and 
Little Mearley Hall.
Parking at start [BB7 4BN]
Food and drink available in Downham and Worston.

01start OS Grid Ref: SD 78481 44117    SatNav: 53.89277883,-2.32891431
Information Centre next to toilets worth a visit.
Head South back to road.
02Chesnut Cottage OS Grid Ref: SD 78530 44040    SatNav: 53.89208721,-2.32817017
Take track West between cottages.
03Chesnut Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 78490 44025    SatNav: 53.89195073,-2.32877774
Take stile into field and follow path along south side of boundary.
04Longlands Wood North OS Grid Ref: SD 78313 43870    SatNav: 53.89055023,-2.33145986
Pass through gate and head south along path.
05Longlands Wood South OS Grid Ref: SD 78202 43586    SatNav: 53.88799305,-2.33312842
Longlands Wood South.
Follow clear path south through field.
06Break in Hedge OS Grid Ref: SD 78141 43225    SatNav: 53.88474444,-2.33402719
Take path SW to base of Worsaw Hill
07Warsaw Base OS Grid Ref: SD 78078 43121    SatNav: 53.88380928,-2.33498381
Take gate towards Warsaw Hill and head West along N side of wall.
08Warsaw House Entry OS Grid Ref: SD 77857 43036    SatNav: 53.88303470,-2.33834119
Take gate South in wall above Warsaw House and head SW to exit gate
near barn.
09Warsaw House Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 77837 43018    SatNav: 53.88287251,-2.33864027
Enter field and take path following North bank of Warsaw Brook
10Warsaw Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 77571 42940    SatNav: 53.88215998,-2.34268099
Follow path West along North side of Brook
11Warren Hill Track OS Grid Ref: SD 77090 42895    SatNav: 53.88173441,-2.34999457
Take track south to Road
12Worston Road OS Grid Ref: SD 76942 42780    SatNav: 53.88069246,-2.35223402
Turn right along road into Worston Village.
13Calfs Head Pub OS Grid Ref: SD 76855 42799    SatNav: 53.88086111,-2.35356206
Good selection of food and drink in this popular pub.
Follow road SW to edge of village.
14 Worston Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 76672 42678    SatNav: 53.87976537,-2.35633651
Take lane South.
15Meadows Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 76592 42328    SatNav: 53.87661458,-2.35753063
Leave road and take footpath south diagonally across field.
16Meadow Hedge OS Grid Ref: SD 76585 42199    SatNav: 53.87545634,-2.35762311
Keep heading south to corner of next field
17Field Corner OS Grid Ref: SD 76579 42118    SatNav: 53.87473260,-2.35770137
Head South to foot bridge over brook.
18Mearley Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 76588 42017    SatNav: 53.87382693,-2.35755829
Head SE along south of field boundary to field corner.
19Mearley Junction OS Grid Ref: SD 76660 41930    SatNav: 53.87304205,-2.35646182
Head South diagonally across field to gate North of filed corner.
20Track to Fields OS Grid Ref: SD 76573 41660    SatNav: 53.87061457,-2.35775820
Take farm track SE towards Fields
21Fields Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 76618 41608    SatNav: 53.87014342,-2.35708069
Pass through gate and head SE to Fields farm building
22Fields Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 76708 41492    SatNav: 53.86911379,-2.35570405
Follow track through buildings, when track ends head SE along North
side of hedge next to Lane Side farm.
23Lane Side Track OS Grid Ref: SD 77041 41199    SatNav: 53.86649226,-2.35061162
Turn NE along farm track.
24Lane Side Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 77236 41512    SatNav: 53.86931613,-2.34766714
Keep headin NE along farm track.
25Little Mearley Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 77375 41750    SatNav: 53.87145609,-2.34557428
Take farm track SE towards Little Mearley Hall.
26Little Mearley Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 77508 41675    SatNav: 53.87079050,-2.34354903
Turn NE to make way through farm buildings.
27Little Mearley Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 77604 41758    SatNav: 53.87154420,-2.34209217
Take gate and follow path NE along South side of hedge.
28Little Mearley Coppice OS Grid Ref: SD 77696 41862    SatNav: 53.87248004,-2.34069650
Head Ne across field towards water troughs under hedge.
29Water Trough OS Grid Ref: SD 77779 42054    SatNav: 53.87420328,-2.33944969
Pass between water troughs along North side of hedge then through
hedge to stile.
30Angram Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 77871 42165    SatNav: 53.87520919,-2.33806551
Pass throgh gate and follow path towards Angram Green Farm.
31Angram Green Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 78024 42304    SatNav: 53.87646832,-2.33574498
Take path around South East of farm buildings.
32Angram Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 78046 42378    SatNav: 53.87712999,-2.33541540
Take path NE towards farm track.
33Moorside Farm Track OS Grid Ref: SD 78097 42495    SatNav: 53.87818686,-2.33464410
Take track East to Moorside Farm
34Moorside Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 78454 42569    SatNav: 53.87886638,-2.32922821
Follow path through farm buildings to path East of buildings.
35Barkerfield Track. OS Grid Ref: SD 78588 42710    SatNav: 53.88014052,-2.32718722
Follow track NE towards Hookcliffe farm.
36Moorcliffe OS Grid Ref: SD 78790 42853    SatNav: 53.88142959,-2.32413151
Take footpath east off track.
37Moorcliffe Track OS Grid Ref: SD 78901 42893    SatNav: 53.88179200,-2.32244935
Leave track and follow footpath North to field corner.
38Moorcliffe Field OS Grid Ref: SD 78900 43215    SatNav: 53.88468764,-2.32248327
Take footpath NE across field to Gerna farm.
39Gerna Field OS Grid Ref: SD 79046 43351    SatNav: 53.88591640,-2.32026544
Follow path to south side of farm buildings
40Gerna Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 79121 43432    SatNav: 53.88665124,-2.31912944
Take farm track NE to Pendle Road.
41Pendle Road OS Grid Ref: SD 79264 43665    SatNav: 53.88874798,-2.31698032
Turn right along road.
42Clay House Track OS Grid Ref: SD 79319 43651    SatNav: 53.88862719,-2.31614322
Take farm track East.
43Clay House Footpath OS Grid Ref: SD 79415 43685    SatNav: 53.88893266,-2.31468036
Take footpath NW along South side of hedge.
44Clay House Field OS Grid Ref: SD 79115 43959    SatNav: 53.89138124,-2.31926749
Bear West along footpath to Downham.
45Downham Village OS Grid Ref: SD 78724 44045    SatNav: 53.89213913,-2.32521244
Take road NW back to start.

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