Formby Asparagus Squirrel Trail (5 miles)

5 mile circular walk around Formby and Ainsdale sand dunes, 
including Asparagus Trail, Squirrel Trail and beach.

Parking at start (L37 2YJ).
Food and drink available in Formby and often
at waypoint 07

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 28080 06793    SatNav: 53.55281956,-3.08704834
None Take path North along boundary of reserve through pines.
02Wicke's Lake OS Grid Ref: SD 27904 07102    SatNav: 53.55556658,-3.08977347
None Turn North [right] along substantial track.
03School OS Grid Ref: SD 28319 07181    SatNav: 53.55633775,-3.08352929
None Exit gate and take track NW [Left]
04Asparagus Trail OS Grid Ref: SD 28111 07362    SatNav: 53.55793104,-3.08670502
None Path bears North info board regarding asparagus production.
05Blundell Ave OS Grid Ref: SD 28086 07705    SatNav: 53.56101548,-3.08715563
None Cross road and continue North through trees.
06Larkhill Clearing OS Grid Ref: SD 28014 07886    SatNav: 53.56263408,-3.08829289
None Continue North on well defined track through pine wood. Good area for Red squirrels
07Victoria Road OS Grid Ref: SD 28003 08196    SatNav: 53.56541869,-3.08852892
None Cross road and join Cornerstone Walk trail. Refreshment and toilets normally available here.
08Freshfield OS Grid Ref: SD 27799 08443    SatNav: 53.56760420,-3.09166174
None Continue on path through trees keeping caravan park on West [left]
then out into dunes.
09Gypsy Path OS Grid Ref: SD 27637 08863    SatNav: 53.57136326,-3.09421521
None Follow path North through dunes towards pine wood.
10Ainsdale Sands OS Grid Ref: SD 27716 09229    SatNav: 53.57466332,-3.09309941
None Bear NE into pine wood keeping to main track.
11Fishermans Path OS Grid Ref: SD 28161 09725    SatNav: 53.57917340,-3.08649044
None Turn West [Left] along substantial path to beach.
12Ainsdale Beach OS Grid Ref: SD 27908 09806    SatNav: 53.57987407,-3.09033137
None Head South [Left] along beach keeping close to dunes particularly if
tide is high.
13Slack Gutter OS Grid Ref: SD 27591 09138    SatNav: 53.57382240,-3.09496623
None Continue South along beach.
14Nicotine Path OS Grid Ref: SD 27194 08034    SatNav: 53.56384480,-3.10069542
None Leave beach East [left] into dunes.
15Back To Trail OS Grid Ref: SD 27444 08053    SatNav: 53.56404871,-3.09694033
None Just before clearing take path South [right].
16Asparagus Track OS Grid Ref: SD 27534 07828    SatNav: 53.56204782,-3.09552412
None Take track South beside asparagus field. Another information board concerning asparagus production.
17Hospice Crossing OS Grid Ref: SD 27538 07478    SatNav: 53.55889973,-3.09537392
None Cross road and take track on West of hospice.
18Squirrel Trail OS Grid Ref: SD 27562 06856    SatNav: 53.55331671,-3.09488039
None Take path East [Left] up slope.
19The End OS Grid Ref: SD 28061 06792    SatNav: 53.55280681,-3.08732729
None Back at start.

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