Formby Dunes Circular (6 miles)

6m circular walk around Formby sand dunes including 
'Lost Resort', site of first lightboat station, 'Devils Hole' and
Formby Beach.
Food and drink available in Formby.

Parking at start [L37 6AH]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 29636 06155    SatNav: 53.54729810,-3.06341592
None Take Hog Hill Lane SW beside allotments. Carefully cross rail track and continue beside MOD range.
02Cabin Hill OS Grid Ref: SD 28685 05167    SatNav: 53.53828978,-3.07753507
None Turn North [Right] at information board along track beside nature
03Church Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 28506 05266    SatNav: 53.53915531,-3.08026824
None Continue North along Church Lane.
04Dune Entrance OS Grid Ref: SD 28375 05547    SatNav: 53.54166095,-3.08230672
None Turn SW [Left] via gateway into nature reserve. Notice board here detailing history of dunes.
05To Dune OS Grid Ref: SD 28219 05459    SatNav: 53.54084488,-3.08463488
None Leave path NW [Right] and head towards the dunes.
06Atlantic Pines OS Grid Ref: SD 27977 05604    SatNav: 53.54211520,-3.08832828
None Continue NW via clump of pine trees.
07Albert RD OS Grid Ref: SD 27776 05792    SatNav: 53.54377756,-3.09140477
None Take path briefly SW [Left].
08Resort Trail OS Grid Ref: SD 27695 05714    SatNav: 53.54306353,-3.09260640
None Exit road NW [Right] via 'Lost Resort' trail.
09Alexandra Road OS Grid Ref: SD 27598 05859    SatNav: 53.54435929,-3.09410039
None Cross Alexandra Road and contnue NW.
10Caravan Park OS Grid Ref: SD 27404 06164    SatNav: 53.54707498,-3.09710447
None Continue NW keeping caravan park to the East [Right].
11Lifeboat Road OS Grid Ref: SD 27399 06393    SatNav: 53.54912758,-3.09723321
None Cross Lifeboat road and follow trail North to edge of car park.
12Car Park OS Grid Ref: SD 27446 06533    SatNav: 53.55038968,-3.09654657
None Make way along West side of car park via information board.
13Exit Car Park OS Grid Ref: SD 27428 06710    SatNav: 53.55198160,-3.09686575
None Leave car park via path heading north towards wood.
14Pathways Meet OS Grid Ref: SD 27310 06848    SatNav: 53.55320856,-3.09866819
None Take path North towards wood.
15Wickes Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 27315 07044    SatNav: 53.55496609,-3.09864942
None Take track West [Left] initially through wood and then via dunes to
16Formby Point OS Grid Ref: SD 27022 06994    SatNav: 53.55448170,-3.10304824
None Turn South [Left] along beach keeping close to sand dunes
particularlly if tide is high.
17Walkway OS Grid Ref: SD 26987 06569    SatNav: 53.55065740,-3.10347739
None Continue South along beach.
18Lifeboat Station OS Grid Ref: SD 27117 05943    SatNav: 53.54504779,-3.10137454
None Continue South past site of worlds first lifeboat station.
19Devils Hole OS Grid Ref: SD 27569 05291    SatNav: 53.53924617,-3.09440080
None Continue South along high tide line. Possible detour inland to visit Devils Hole and dune.
20Hoggs Hill Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 28178 04707    SatNav: 53.53408142,-3.08508817
None Leave beach [Left ] taking Hoggs Hill Lane NE back to start.
21The End OS Grid Ref: SD 29643 06133    SatNav: 53.54710208,-3.06330595
None Back at start

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