Gathurst Circular (7 miles)

7 mile circular walk starting from Potters Wood 
Gathurst, joining Leeds Liverpool Canal before ascending 
to Bank Top then via Dean Brook back to start.

Parking near start [WN5 8QE]

Refreshments at Bank Top and Gathurst Station.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 53677 06468    SatNav: 53.55278088,-2.70067200
None Route starts outside Porters Wood car park. Take Gathurst Road North.
02Ackhurst Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 53825 06745    SatNav: 53.55528571,-2.69848331
None Just before reaching Ackhurst Lane take track East (right) off road
beside house.
03College End OS Grid Ref: SD 54062 06580    SatNav: 53.55382617,-2.69487843
None Take path beside wall and follow it West beside Ackhurst Brook.
04Potters Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 54419 06657    SatNav: 53.55455117,-2.68949523
None Follow path as it heads North (left) up slope. Some good views of Winter Hiill on this section.
05Rail Line OS Grid Ref: SD 54328 07165    SatNav: 53.55910482,-2.69094899
None After taking bridge over rail line turn East (right) along footpath
beside rail track.
06Heinz OS Grid Ref: SD 54993 07036    SatNav: 53.55800867,-2.68088534
None Turn North (left) on path heading away from rail line and take
footbridge over River Douglas.
07Towpath OS Grid Ref: SD 54942 07415    SatNav: 53.56140217,-2.68171683
None Follow Leeds Liverpool Canal towpath West (left).
08Gathurst Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 54056 07423    SatNav: 53.56139898,-2.69509568
None Leave canal and take Gathurst Lane briefly South (left).
09Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 53955 07265    SatNav: 53.55997630,-2.69659504
None After passing under bridge carefully cross road and take path West
beside railway.
10M6 OS Grid Ref: SD 53626 07349    SatNav: 53.56069959,-2.70156517
None Continue on track as it passes under M6 motorway.
11Dean Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 53377 07428    SatNav: 53.56138465,-2.70534709
None Take footbridge over Dean Brook and follow path North (right).
12No Entry OS Grid Ref: SD 53385 07554    SatNav: 53.56251734,-2.70523443
None Follow path as it heads West (left) beside field boundaries up the
hill. Take time to admire view behind over valley to Winter Hill.
13Permissive Path OS Grid Ref: SD 52675 07599    SatNav: 53.56286145,-2.71596327
None Take permissive path through goose compound onto Ayrefield Road.
14Ayrefield Road OS Grid Ref: SD 52220 07597    SatNav: 53.56279773,-2.72282973
None Take footpath South (left) between houses and beside field boundary.
15Whitley Road OS Grid Ref: SD 52304 07320    SatNav: 53.56031883,-2.72152081
None Turn SE (left) along Whitley Road.
16Leave Road OS Grid Ref: SD 52740 07121    SatNav: 53.55857268,-2.71491184
None Leave Whitley Road and take farm track heading East (left) down slope
towards Dean Brook.
17Valley Side OS Grid Ref: SD 53359 07214    SatNav: 53.55946488,-2.70557776
None Turn South (right) and follow path running parallel to Dean Brook as
it descends down to Brook.
18Footbridges OS Grid Ref: SD 53101 06620    SatNav: 53.55410024,-2.70938918
None Cross footbridge and continue South along West bank of Dean Brook.
19Climb OS Grid Ref: SD 52792 05896    SatNav: 53.54756041,-2.71393820
None Take footbridge over Dean Brook and take steps up East side of gorge
to join farm track.
20Meadow View OS Grid Ref: SD 53458 05639    SatNav: 53.54531649,-2.70385310
None Upon reaching Gathurst Road turn briefly left (North)
21Spring Road OS Grid Ref: SD 53461 05788    SatNav: 53.54665521,-2.70383164
None Carefully cross Gathurst Road and take Spring Road NE under M6.
22Beside M6 OS Grid Ref: SD 53773 06026    SatNav: 53.54882096,-2.69916191
None Leave Spring Road immediately after passing under M6 by taking path
NE (left) beside motorway.
23Potters Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 53676 06434    SatNav: 53.55247972,-2.70068541
None All done.

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