Hodbarrow Circular (4 miles)

4 mile circular walk starting from Haverigg village 
to take sea defence wall around seaward side of Hodbarrow Nature 
Reserve before turning inland around rest of nature reserve. 
Excellent views over estuary and Hodbarrow Lake on route. 
Site was once the most productive iron ore mine in the world 
before it flooded. Some history of mine at

Parking at start/end   LA18 4EX.
Refreshments at start and Port Haverigg Holiday Village.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 16032 78696    SatNav: 54.19711910,-3.28855990
None Take footbridge East over Haverigg Pool watercourse.
02Pool Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 16097 78692    SatNav: 54.19709080,-3.28756750
None Immediately after crossing Pool Bridge turn South (right) to take
footpath beside Haverigg Pool.
03Concrete Square OS Grid Ref: SD 16160 78604    SatNav: 54.19631570,-3.28658580
None Follow path East (left) along bank beside waterfront.
04Ice Cream Beach OS Grid Ref: SD 16427 78727    SatNav: 54.19745800,-3.28253030
None Continue on path above beach as it bears South (Right).
05Sea Wall OS Grid Ref: SD 16512 78738    SatNav: 54.19757100,-3.28122140
None Take wide path South (right) along sea defence wall. Views left over
lake and right over estuary.
06Water Ski View OS Grid Ref: SD 16838 78212    SatNav: 54.19289960,-3.27607690
None Continue SE along sea defences.
07Lighthouse OS Grid Ref: SD 17386 77912    SatNav: 54.19028980,-3.26759580
None Excellent views South over Duddon Channel also bird hide looking
North over lake.
08Duddon Estuary OS Grid Ref: SD 17690 77933    SatNav: 54.19053150,-3.26294480
None Continue to follow outer sea wall East.
09Picnic Table OS Grid Ref: SD 18137 78196    SatNav: 54.19296390,-3.25618030
None Leave substantial track to take footpath SE (right) through sand
dunes up to headland.
10Hodbarrow Point OS Grid Ref: SD 18275 78120    SatNav: 54.19230170,-3.25404520
None Carefully descend headland and head North over old quarry floor to
ascend to windmill base.
11Windmill Base. OS Grid Ref: SD 18291 78218    SatNav: 54.19318990,-3.25381990
None Good views over bay and lake from here. Carefully descend and take footpath
North through dunes back to well defined sea defense track.
12Carved Stone OS Grid Ref: SD 18151 78230    SatNav: 54.19327780,-3.25597640
None Take path NW between Hodbarrow lake and 'Cyclops' tower..
13Black Combe View OS Grid Ref: SD 17866 78407    SatNav: 54.19482190,-3.26038600
None Continue North along substantial path beside the lake.
14Hodbarrow Lake OS Grid Ref: SD 17739 78783    SatNav: 54.19817980,-3.26243520
None Excellent views over Hodbarrow Lake. Continue North on path beside lake.
15Manisgate Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 17449 79073    SatNav: 54.20073410,-3.26696280
None Take footpath NW (left) between lake and road.
16Join Road OS Grid Ref: SD 17209 79143    SatNav: 54.20133030,-3.27065350
None Follow road South (left} beside caravan park.
17Hardwicks OS Grid Ref: SD 17097 78970    SatNav: 54.19975510,-3.27231650
None Follow road briefly West (right).
18Sharp Left OS Grid Ref: SD 17055 78971    SatNav: 54.19975510,-3.27296020
None Follow road as it turns South (left)
19Port Haverigg OS Grid Ref: SD 17038 78888    SatNav: 54.19900820,-3.27320690
None Turn West (right) along roadway.
20Gin Mill OS Grid Ref: SD 16912 78930    SatNav: 54.19936600,-3.27514890
None Follow roadway South around Old Gin Mill.
21Caravan Park OS Grid Ref: SD 16871 78844    SatNav: 54.19858770,-3.27574970
None Turn West (right) along roadway beside caravans.
22Ice Cream Van OS Grid Ref: SD 16418 78741    SatNav: 54.19758980,-3.28265910
None Continue along roadway. Ice cream available here if you are lucky.
23Cricket Club OS Grid Ref: SD 16312 78676    SatNav: 54.19698730,-3.28426840
None Continue West on track between cricket club and Pepper Hall Walk to
footbridge over Haverigg Pool.
24The End OS Grid Ref: SD 16080 78706    SatNav: 54.19721950,-3.28784110
None All done.

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