Hutton Bottom Circular (8 miles)

8 mile circular route beginning opposite 
Hutton Grammar school  and making way to 
Dolphin Pub via  Longton Brook , Back Lane 
and Marsh Lane. Return is via section of 
Ribble Way, River Ribble and open farmland 
back to start.

Parking at start  PR4 5SL

Bus 2, 2A to start.

Refreshments Longton and Dolphin Pub.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 49656 26583    SatNav: 53.73319635,-2.76462147
None Carefully take pedestrian footpath West beside Liverpool Road.
02Liverpool Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 49427 26480    SatNav: 53.73224435,-2.76807079
None Continue West along Liverpool Road.
03Main Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 49189 26542    SatNav: 53.73278382,-2.77168641
None Continue along Liverpool Rd as it turns SW.
04Longton Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 48786 26264    SatNav: 53.73024508,-2.77775893
None Leave Liverpool Road via footpath heading West (right) beside Longton
05Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 47917 26437    SatNav: 53.73171598,-2.79095540
None Take footbridge South (left) over Longton Brook and follow path South
beside houses.
06Back Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 47840 26084    SatNav: 53.72852817,-2.79206047
None Upon reaching Back Lane turn West (right) and follow road as it
changes from tarmac to farm track.
07Back Corner OS Grid Ref: SD 46817 25979    SatNav: 53.72748720,-2.80754218
None Continue following Back Road as it bends South (left).
08Marsh Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 46789 25877    SatNav: 53.72656681,-2.80794987
None Turn South West (right) along Marsh Lane, no footpath so care needed.
09Dolphin Pub OS Grid Ref: SD 45848 25420    SatNav: 53.72236000,-2.82213000
None Take footpath North (right) along West edge of Dolphin Pub grounds.
10Ribble Way OS Grid Ref: SD 46155 26193    SatNav: 53.72933903,-2.81762192
None Take gate East (right) down slope into field and briefly follow hedge
before exiting field West (left) via metal gate and crossing Longton Brook to pick up Ribble Way heading NORTH.
11River Ribble OS Grid Ref: SD 46679 28024    SatNav: 53.74585274,-2.80999908
None Continue along Ribble Way as it turns East (right) to follow river.
12Marsh Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 49017 28803    SatNav: 53.75308190,-2.77466902
None Leave Ribble Way taking footpath South (right) along West side of
water course.
13Marsh Field OS Grid Ref: SD 49049 27886    SatNav: 53.74485000,-2.77404000
None At end of water follow path SE up slope to corner of field.
14Friendly Cows OS Grid Ref: SD 49322 27652    SatNav: 53.74277228,-2.76985178
None Cross stile in field corner and take footpath South parallel to
field boundary. Upon reaching houses path weaves its way between them.
15Ratten Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 49219 27157    SatNav: 53.73831140,-2.77133235
None Briefly turn East (left) along Ratten Lane before picking up footpath
South (right) beside house down slope to start.
16Walton Gardens OS Grid Ref: SD 49651 26624    SatNav: 53.73356000,-2.76471000
None The end.

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