Jubilee Tower Darwen from Ryal Fold (4.3 miles)

Walk starts from Ryal Fold, Tockholes Road
(01Ryal Fold) and follows anticlockwise circular route
via Duckshaw Moor, Darwin Tower and Earnsdale Reservoir.
Food and drink available in Ryal Fold BB3 0PA.

01Ryal Fold OS Grid Ref: SD 66490 21532    SatNav: 53.68915332,-2.50890470
None Take road South past car park of Royal Arms Pub at Ryal Fold.
02Hollinshead Terrace OS Grid Ref: SD 66538 21425    SatNav: 53.68819602,-2.50817061
None Take track South just before Hollinshead Terrace houses.
03Step Back Valley OS Grid Ref: SD 67167 21136    SatNav: 53.68563627,-2.49861893
None Follow track SE through wood at North end of Stepback Valley.
04Step Back Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 67319 20997    SatNav: 53.68440221,-2.49629262
None Follow track South beside Stepback Brook.
05Duckshaw Moor OS Grid Ref: SD 67656 20547    SatNav: 53.68037378,-2.49115493
None Gate across path on top of moor. Follow path NE
06Higher Wenshead OS Grid Ref: SD 67512 21287    SatNav: 53.68701677,-2.49340254
None Follow track NE towards base of tower.
07Jubilee Tower OS Grid Ref: SD 67856 21593    SatNav: 53.68978951,-2.48822604
None After admiring view from Jubilee Tower follow track North East down
08Turn Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 68055 22264    SatNav: 53.69583169,-2.48529146
None At turn lane junction take track West (left) onto Witton Weavers Way.
09Tockhole Road OS Grid Ref: SD 67689 22274    SatNav: 53.69590033,-2.49082301
None At Tockhole Road Cottage follow Sunnyhurst Road West (lef)
10Earnsdale Reservoir OS Grid Ref: SD 66912 22301    SatNav: 53.69609706,-2.50259606
None Take Dean Lane West at North end of Earnsdale Reservoir.
11Dean Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 66305 22263    SatNav: 53.69571129,-2.51178820
None At junction of Dean Lane and Tockholes Road turn South (left) along
main road.
12Pleasant View OS Grid Ref: SD 66338 22206    SatNav: 53.69519919,-2.51127753
None Turn left off main road down Pleasant View
13Pleasant Path OS Grid Ref: SD 66362 22116    SatNav: 53.69439478,-2.51090571
None Take footpath South off Pleasant View along field boundary.
14Stile to Farm track OS Grid Ref: SD 66514 21859    SatNav: 53.69209126,-2.50857663
Use stile to join farm track follow track south through farm
buildings back to pub.

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