Lunt Circular via River Alt (5 miles)

5m circular walk starting at Lunt,
crossing River Alt to disused Cheshire Lines before
following River Alt back to start via Liverpool Forest.
Parking at start [L29 7WL]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 34767 02007    SatNav: 53.51068309,-2.98512756
None Take Moor Lane North past metal gate.
02Moor Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 35014 02404    SatNav: 53.51428000,-2.98148000
None Follow path as it turns East.
03Harrisons OS Grid Ref: SD 35316 02380    SatNav: 53.51410271,-2.97693073
None Continue on main path as it turns North.
04Showrick OS Grid Ref: SD 35346 02533    SatNav: 53.51548069,-2.97650158
None Cross Shiowrick Bridge. If field on North side of bridge is dry take steps down and cross field to train line otherwise follow Northside levee to disused train line.
05Cheshire Line OS Grid Ref: SD 35980 03112    SatNav: 53.52076253,-2.96706020
None Turn North on Chesire Lines disused railway line.
06Rail End OS Grid Ref: SD 35409 04804    SatNav: 53.53590000,-2.97603000
None Turn South West follow track alongside Magull Hey Croft water course.
07River Alt OS Grid Ref: SD 33764 03935    SatNav: 53.52788048,-3.00066292
None After pumping station take path to top of River Alt levee and follow
it SE.
08Baines Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 33796 03832    SatNav: 53.52696210,-3.00014793
None Pass Bains Bridge and continue East along Northern levee.
09Showrick Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 35346 02535    SatNav: 53.51550000,-2.97650000
None Take Showrick Bridge South over River Alt and follow path South.
10Sefton OS Grid Ref: SD 35277 02229    SatNav: 53.51274248,-2.97747790
None At path junction continue South.
11Harrisons Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 35144 02041    SatNav: 53.51103265,-2.97945201
None Take footbridge over Harrisons Brook and follow path briefly West
before continuing South through wood.
12Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 35044 02011    SatNav: 53.51075193,-2.98095405
None Turn West along path on South side of wood.
13Moor Again OS Grid Ref: SD 34849 02110    SatNav: 53.51161962,-2.98391520
None Turn South on Moor Lane back to start.
14End OS Grid Ref: SD 34767 02007    SatNav: 53.51068000,-2.98513000
None Back at start.

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