Lunt Meadows Circular (5 miles)

5 mile circular walk starting from edge of Lunt 
Nature Reserve, crossing the River Alt to disused Cheshire 
Lines railtrack before recrossing the Alt and heading
back via the nature reserve.
Food and drink available in Sefton and Thornton.
Parking at start [L29 7WG]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 34817 02360    SatNav: 53.51386029,-2.98445165
None Enter reserve from car park, some info boards about reserve here. Turn East (right) to metal gate leading to substantial track, Moor Lane.
02Moor Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 35014 02399    SatNav: 53.51423031,-2.98147976
None Continue East along Moor Lane.
03Harrisons OS Grid Ref: SD 35316 02380    SatNav: 53.51410271,-2.97693073
None As track bends North (left) follow it towards Showrick Bridge.
04Showrick OS Grid Ref: SD 35346 02533    SatNav: 53.51548069,-2.97650158
None Cross bridge and decend steps following footpath NE across field. This can be very muddy so could use Alt embankment to your right as dryer alternative.
05Cheshire Line OS Grid Ref: SD 35980 03112    SatNav: 53.52076253,-2.96706020
None Follow disused rail track North (left). Some info boards along line explain its history.
06Rail End OS Grid Ref: SD 35409 04820    SatNav: 53.53604297,-2.97602951
None Leave rail track turning SW (left) onto good quality farm track
running under power lines.
07River Alt OS Grid Ref: SD 33764 03935    SatNav: 53.52788048,-3.00066292
None Path ascends embankment beside pumping station and turns South (left)
briefly along embankment.
08Baines Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 33809 03833    SatNav: 53.52697167,-2.99996018
None Takes bridge over the Alt.
09Dyke OS Grid Ref: SD 33562 03619    SatNav: 53.52501367,-3.00362944
None Briefly follow path right around dykes.
10Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 33489 03653    SatNav: 53.52531662,-3.00473987
None Cross footbridge and head SW (right) along dyke towards coppice.
11Gatefield OS Grid Ref: SD 33286 03441    SatNav: 53.52337769,-3.00776541
None Path turns SE (left) and heads towards farm buildings.
12BLackcar Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 33417 03344    SatNav: 53.52252299,-3.00576984
None Take Blackcar Lane South (right) to main road.
13Park Wall Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 33232 03034    SatNav: 53.51971642,-3.00849497
None Turn SE (left) along Park Wall Lane. You will need to cross road in order to keep safely on pedestrian footpath.
14Broad Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 34102 02446    SatNav: 53.51454291,-2.99523949
None Turn NE (left) down Broad Lane.
15The Reserve OS Grid Ref: SD 34420 02783    SatNav: 53.51761137,-2.99052417
None Take gate into Lunt Nature Reserve and continue on main apth. Reserve consists of several ponds with hides and paths so you probably want to explore it rather than walk straight through. Its pretty open so difficult to get lost.
16The Ponds OS Grid Ref: SD 34715 02804    SatNav: 53.51783304,-2.98607438
None Bear SE (right) along path beween too large ponds.
17Moor Back OS Grid Ref: SD 35113 02522    SatNav: 53.51534991,-2.98000991
None Turn SE (right) via metal gate an follow path by pond towards car
18The End OS Grid Ref: SD 34931 02321    SatNav: 53.51351897,-2.98271357
None Take path right via info. boards back to car park.

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