Maghull Circular Walk (5 miles)

5 mile circular route starting from Maghull centre 
initially following canal and then disused rail track before 
heading beside Melling Brook to outskirts of Melling. 
Final section rejoins canal back to start.

Parking as start L31 7DJ 


01Liverpool RD OS Grid Ref: SD 37420 02202    SatNav: 53.51275401,-2.94517022
None Take steps down from road bridge to West bank towpath and head North.
02Green Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 37238 02998    SatNav: 53.51988606,-2.94806704
None Leave towpath and turn West down Green Lane.
03Peel Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 36305 02788    SatNav: 53.51788627,-2.96209499
None Leave Green Lane turning North West along footpath beside farm
04Cheshire Lines OS Grid Ref: SD 36078 02853    SatNav: 53.51844762,-2.96552822
None Head South along disused Cheshire Lines railtrack.
05Sefton Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 36503 01768    SatNav: 53.50874728,-2.95890313
None Take path East below main road to traffic lights.
06Sefton Road OS Grid Ref: SD 36626 01809    SatNav: 53.50913010,-2.95705777
None Cross road via traffic lights and take Old Raicecourse Road South.
07Meadway OS Grid Ref: SD 36744 01498    SatNav: 53.50634817,-2.95521241
None Follow Meadway briefly West.
08Melling Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 36689 01416    SatNav: 53.50560799,-2.95602780
None Follow footpath South along West side of Melling Brook.
09A59 OS Grid Ref: SD 37136 00479    SatNav: 53.49723859,-2.94910237
None Briefly take footpath North along East side of A59 to traffic lights.
10Northway OS Grid Ref: SD 37191 00559    SatNav: 53.49796615,-2.94828698
None Carefully cross both lanes of A59 via traffic lights and take
footpath SE.
11Tunnel OS Grid Ref: SD 37410 00403    SatNav: 53.49658760,-2.94496104
None Follow path via tunnel under M58.
12Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 37512 00307    SatNav: 53.49573556,-2.94340536
None Take footbridge over motorway.
13Railway OS Grid Ref: SD 37608 00348    SatNav: 53.49611531,-2.94195696
None Follow track under railway line then East across farmland towards
farm buildings.
14Wood Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 38017 00456    SatNav: 53.49713329,-2.93581467
None Farm track bears SE around substantial stone barn onto Brewery Lane.
15Brewery Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 38490 00430    SatNav: 53.49695459,-2.92869072
None Tdake path on North side of bridge to canal towpath, turn North along
16Railtrack OS Grid Ref: SD 38227 01282    SatNav: 53.50458703,-2.93281060
None Continue North under railway bridge.
17Sportsground OS Grid Ref: SD 37708 01809    SatNav: 53.50925771,-2.94074994
None Continue North along towpath.
18End OS Grid Ref: SD 37434 02173    SatNav: 53.51249881,-2.94495564
None Back at start.

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