Mam Tor Circular (4 miles)

4m circular route from Mam Tor 
along the ridge to Hollins Cross and 
Black Tor with possible detour to 
Loose Hill. Return via Tor Side.

Parking at start [S33 8WA]

Cafe at Blue John, waypoint 14

01Start OS Grid Ref: SK 12398 83270    SatNav: 53.34617929,-1.81523234
None Leave car park via path on North side to begin ascent.
02Mam Base OS Grid Ref: SK 12487 83364    SatNav: 53.34702752,-1.81389070
None Continue North along substantial path.
03Stairs OS Grid Ref: SK 12511 83440    SatNav: 53.34770642,-1.81352592
None Branch NE (right) up steps towards Mam Tor.
04Mam Tor OS Grid Ref: SK 12767 83603    SatNav: 53.34916386,-1.80967480
None After admiring the 360 views from summit take flagged path heading NE along ridge
05Cold Side OS Grid Ref: SK 13004 84186    SatNav: 53.35440237,-1.80609137
None Continue NE along ridge taking in views from ridge.
06Woodseat OS Grid Ref: SK 13292 84453    SatNav: 53.35679727,-1.80175692
None Follow path NE along the ridge.
07Hollins Cross OS Grid Ref: SK 13591 84517    SatNav: 53.35735715,-1.79726636
None At the intersection of several paths keep to substantial path
continuing along the ridge.
08Brockett OS Grid Ref: SK 14467 84882    SatNav: 53.36062266,-1.78408062
None Good spot to catch your breath before begining ascent of Black Tor.
09Black Tor OS Grid Ref: SK 14563 85002    SatNav: 53.36169350,-1.78263491
None Enjoy the views from Black Tor keeping well away from steep drop on
the North side. Possible detour NW along ridge to Loose Hill here otherwise descend the way you came.
10Leave Ridge OS Grid Ref: SK 13298 84437    SatNav: 53.35664959,-1.80166519
None Leave path along ridge to head SE (left) on path making its way
gradually down slope.
11Path Fork OS Grid Ref: SK 13149 84186    SatNav: 53.35440000,-1.80392000
None Take higher of two paths to continue south gradually down slope.
12Tor Side OS Grid Ref: SK 13061 83811    SatNav: 53.35102711,-1.80525935
None Keep to path as it descends South down slope.
13 Road End OS Grid Ref: SK 13166 83461    SatNav: 53.34788295,-1.80368811
None Take road SW (right) past Blue John mine.
14Blue John OS Grid Ref: SK 12880 83193    SatNav: 53.34547474,-1.80800110
None Leave road NW (right) via footpath up slope.
15Gate Back OS Grid Ref: SK 12505 83360    SatNav: 53.34699000,-1.81363000
None Pass through gate and take path West (left) to join path south back
to car park.

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