Much Hoole Circular (8 miles)

8m circular walk starting from Liverpool Old Rd 
(01start) taking paths beside River Douglas to Dolphin 
Inn then over farmtracks to Much Hoole and then more 
farm tracks back to start.

Parking at start [PR4 5JR]

Refreshments at Dolphin Inn (waypoint 09)

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 46153 21693    SatNav: 53.68890000,-2.81686000
None Take Liverpool Old Rd South towards A59. Briefly take A59 footpath South (right).
02Carr Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 46186 21576    SatNav: 53.68784925,-2.81633835
None Take path West (right) beside Carr Brook towards River Douglas and
then along its bank.
03River Douglas OS Grid Ref: SD 45630 21540    SatNav: 53.68746804,-2.82474976
None Continue to follow river bank as it turns North.
04River Asland OS Grid Ref: SD 45231 23023    SatNav: 53.70075748,-2.83105832
None Continue on footpath as it bends East and then to follow River
Asland past boatyard.
05Rail Track OS Grid Ref: SD 45584 22892    SatNav: 53.69961419,-2.82569390
None At junction of tracks take path North (left) beside marsh.
06Station Road OS Grid Ref: SD 46069 24143    SatNav: 53.71090595,-2.81856995
None Cross Station Road to pick up footpath opposite.
07Hoole Marsh OS Grid Ref: SD 45741 24750    SatNav: 53.71632847,-2.82363396
None Continue North on path on top of levee beside Hoole Marsh,
08Levee OS Grid Ref: SD 45647 24895    SatNav: 53.71762367,-2.82509308
None Continue NE (right) along levee then North beside cottages.
09Marsh Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 45851 25424    SatNav: 53.72239782,-2.82208901
None Turn East (right) along Marsh Lane in front of Dolphin Pub. Refeshments available here.
10Hall Carr Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 46280 25652    SatNav: 53.72449268,-2.81563025
None Turn South (right) briefly along Hall Carr Lane.
11Exit Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 46282 25553    SatNav: 53.72360396,-2.81558733
None Leave lane East (left) to follow footpath along field boundaries.
12Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 47335 25332    SatNav: 53.72172490,-2.79957991
None Turn South (right) along path crossing footbridge and cross Hall Lane
to continue South over farmland.
13Hall Carr Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 47291 24391    SatNav: 53.71325696,-2.80009221
None Turn West (right )carefully along Hall Carr Lane.
14Hall Carr Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 46840 24564    SatNav: 53.71476655,-2.80696135
None Leave Hall Carr Lane briefly taking farmtrack South.
15Leave Track OS Grid Ref: SD 46789 24479    SatNav: 53.71400000,-2.80771000
None Leave farm track via footpath (left) and follow it South to rejoin
farm track heading South.
16Station2 OS Grid Ref: SD 46732 24067    SatNav: 53.71029634,-2.80850630
None Turn West (right) briefly along Station Road.
17Marsh House OS Grid Ref: SD 46637 24084    SatNav: 53.71043605,-2.80994397
None Take footpath South (left) across field and continue along it over
disused rail track.
18Pine Ave OS Grid Ref: SD 46735 23594    SatNav: 53.70604159,-2.80837756
None Cross Pine Ave to continue onto footpath through hedge and head
19Liverpool Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 46794 22902    SatNav: 53.69983015,-2.80736905
None Briefly turn South (right) along Liverpool Road.
20Old Road OS Grid Ref: SD 46723 22817    SatNav: 53.69905524,-2.80842047
None Very carefully cross Liverpool Road and take Liverrpool Old Road
briefly East.
21Much Hoole OS Grid Ref: SD 46846 22876    SatNav: 53.69960149,-2.80657511
None Take footpath South (right) between houses then across field and over
Northern Ave.
22Town Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 46832 22512    SatNav: 53.69632390,-2.80672532
None Cross Town Lane to continue om footpath South beside horse paddock
23Field OS Grid Ref: SD 46820 22213    SatNav: 53.69364000,-2.80685000
None Follow pathway made by farmer SW towards church spire in distance
until reaching main road.
24Cross Road OS Grid Ref: SD 46210 21693    SatNav: 53.68890000,-2.81600000
None Very carefully cross main road and follow footpath West back towards
gate leading back to start.
25End OS Grid Ref: SD 46153 21693    SatNav: 53.68890000,-2.81686000
None All done.

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