Orrell Winstanley Circular (7 miles)

7m circular route starting from Orrell 
Waterpark then follows lower slopes of Billinge 
Hill before ascending to Winstanley College and 
back to waterpark.

Parking as start WN5 7AT

Refreshments in Orrell

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 53126 03715    SatNav: 53.52799000,-2.70857000
None Leave Orrell Waterpark car park turniing briefly South (left) onto
Lodge Lane then West (right) along Sandy Lane.
02Gantley Road OS Grid Ref: SD 52690 03598    SatNav: 53.52690192,-2.71513812
None Turn South (left) down Gantley Road.
03Upholland Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 52617 03508    SatNav: 53.52608557,-2.71621100
None Turn West (right) down Upholland Road.
04Oxhouse OS Grid Ref: SD 52522 03652    SatNav: 53.52737387,-2.71767012
None Take footpath West (left) beside house and initially behind houses
then over farmland. Good views behind you over Winter Hill.
05 Higher Pimbo OS Grid Ref: SD 51312 03456    SatNav: 53.52550000,-2.73589000
None Take footpath South (left) on track initially beside Higher Pimbo
Farm and then beside quarry.
06Quarry OS Grid Ref: SD 51630 02834    SatNav: 53.51993689,-2.73099534
None Follow footpath South (right) along field boundary.
07Promised Land OS Grid Ref: SD 51339 02115    SatNav: 53.51345399,-2.73528419
None Take track South via Promised Land Farm onto tarmac track.
08Crank Road OS Grid Ref: SD 51231 01417    SatNav: 53.50716310,-2.73679695
None Turn West (right) briefly along Crank Road before taking footpath
South (left). Upon reaching farm buildings cross farmyard onto Red Barn Rd.
09Houghwood OS Grid Ref: SD 52084 00677    SatNav: 53.50059050,-2.72382579
None Leave Red Barn Lane taking footpath East (left) up slope. Good excuse to rest and check view behind you over Liverpool and Wales.
10Cheshire View OS Grid Ref: SD 52474 00796    SatNav: 53.50170089,-2.71795712
None Turn South (right) along tarmac track, good views over to Cheshire
11Crookhouse Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 52565 00367    SatNav: 53.49785000,-2.71653000
None Leave road taking footpath South East (left) beside Crookhouse Farm
down hill side.
12Roby Well Way OS Grid Ref: SD 52652 00268    SatNav: 53.49696715,-2.71520249
None Turn briefly East (left) along Roby Well Lane
13Exit Roby OS Grid Ref: SD 52732 00285    SatNav: 53.49713309,-2.71400086
None Leave Roby Well Lane taking footpath North (left) running alongside
14Beacon Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 52736 00557    SatNav: 53.49957101,-2.71397940
None Take footbridge East (right) over stream and follow path up slope.
15Ash Grove Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 53110 00628    SatNav: 53.50025000,-2.70835000
None Turn North (left) in front of Ash Grove Farm and follow footpath.
16Beacon Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 53148 00839    SatNav: 53.50215000,-2.70781000
None Turn West (left) briefly along Beacon Road.
17Oakley Avenue OS Grid Ref: SD 53105 00878    SatNav: 53.50249379,-2.70846478
None Carefully cross Beacon Road and turn North (right) into Oakley Avenue
and follow footpath North originating beside garages.
18Upholland Road OS Grid Ref: SD 53261 01233    SatNav: 53.50569712,-2.70616881
None Turn North (left) along Upholland Road.
19Kennel OS Grid Ref: SD 53168 01736    SatNav: 53.51021296,-2.70764671
None Carefully cross Upholland Road to take footpath East initially beside
house and then behind properties.
20 Chair Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 53527 01720    SatNav: 53.51009971,-2.70222060
None Turn North (left) at field corner to follow footpath parallel to
Chair Wood.
21Park Road OS Grid Ref: SD 53650 02228    SatNav: 53.51467888,-2.70044766
None Carefully cross park road to continue North on footpath.
22Moss Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 53602 02534    SatNav: 53.51742359,-2.70121209
None Turn West (left) along path between fields.
23Longshaw OS Grid Ref: SD 53349 02508    SatNav: 53.51716842,-2.70503155
None Take footpath initially North (right) and then follow it NE.
24College OS Grid Ref: SD 53437 02963    SatNav: 53.52126365,-2.70376555
None Follow path North (left) over Winstanley College playing field then
NW away from college beside stream.
25Greenslate OS Grid Ref: SD 53241 03265    SatNav: 53.52395532,-2.70676962
None Take path North (right) beside stream then beside Orrell Waterpark
26Orrell Waterpark OS Grid Ref: SD 53219 03805    SatNav: 53.52881000,-2.70718000
None Take path South around lake back to car park.

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