Osbalderstone Circular (5 miles)

Walk starts from Osbalderstone Green
(01 Start on map) and follows anticlockwise 
circular route via banks of River Ribble.
Parking at start [BB2 7LY] 

01 START OS Grid Ref: SD 64803 32646    SatNav: 53.78893500,-2.53572400
None Start from Osbalderston Green, parking on Osbalderston Lane. Take path East towards Roberts House Farm.
02 Roberts_House_Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 65016 32746    SatNav: 53.78984600,-2.53250200
None Enter farmyard and take footpath North between barns. Continue North along West side of hedge.
03 Roberts_Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 64975 33041    SatNav: 53.79249000,-2.53315000
None Cross stile and continue North along West side of hedge.
04 Oxendale_Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 64951 33161    SatNav: 53.79357400,-2.53353400
Take stile onto road and head East.
05 Oxendale_Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 64980 33178    SatNav: 53.79372800,-2.53309900
None Pass through gate onto footpath and continue East along path.
06 Giants_Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 65238 33268    SatNav: 53.79455400,-2.52919300
None Pass through gate and follow path North between fences along West
side of Old Park Wood.
07 Old Park Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 65227 33551    SatNav: 53.79709500,-2.52939500
None Cross bridge and continue North through wood.
08 Entering Old Park Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 65001 33627    SatNav: 53.79775900,-2.53282800
None Use stile to enter Old Park Wood and carefully make way North down valley,
09 Old Park Crossing OS Grid Ref: SD 64974 33667    SatNav: 53.79811700,-2.53324500
None Take footbridge over stream and follow path up incline.
10 Old Park Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 64950 33689    SatNav: 53.79832000,-2.53360300
None Use stile to exit wood and head North via small pond to farm gate.
11 Longridge_Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 64904 33914    SatNav: 53.80033700,-2.53432800
None Head North along East side of wood boundary to end of field.
12 Reenter_Old_Park_Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 64862 34132    SatNav: 53.80228800,-2.53499300
None Re-enter Old Park Wood via stile and make way NW down slope to
13 Ribble Dribble OS Grid Ref: SD 64768 34232    SatNav: 53.80318200,-2.53643500
None Step over stream and continue NW up bank.
14 Leave Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 64731 34254    SatNav: 53.80338000,-2.53700000
None Take stile out of wood and continue NW to gate.
15 Track to hall OS Grid Ref: SD 64695 34277    SatNav: 53.80358200,-2.53754800
None Take track NW down to Osbalderston Hall.
16 Osbalderston Hall Grounds OS Grid Ref: SD 64531 34342    SatNav: 53.80415800,-2.54004900
None Pass through gate and head West on footpath in front of Osbalderston
17 Osbalderston Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 64357 34357    SatNav: 53.80428400,-2.54269300
None Use gate to access road NW through farm buildings to River Ribble.
18 River Ribble OS Grid Ref: SD 64320 34447    SatNav: 53.80508900,-2.54325500
None Pass through gate and head West along bank of River Ribble.
18 s OS Grid Ref: SD 63543 34804    SatNav: 53.80824400,-2.55509900
Continue following ribble path
19 Ribble by Flashers Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 63183 34076    SatNav: 53.80167600,-2.56047900
None Take stile on river bank to enter Flashers Wood and follow slippery
path SW along river bank.
20 Dobridding Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 63139 33918    SatNav: 53.80024600,-2.56113600
None Take track SE up slope towards Burr Green.
21 Burr Green Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 63157 33808    SatNav: 53.79925900,-2.56085000
None Take stile into field and head south across field to Mercyfield Wood.
22 Mercyfield Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 63241 33528    SatNav: 53.79675500,-2.55953400
None Follow footpath East along Northern boundary of wood.
23 Burr Green Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 63393 33504    SatNav: 53.79654800,-2.55723100
None Cross stile and continue East via wooden stiles along North boundary
of wood.
24 Burr Green gate OS Grid Ref: SD 63793 33468    SatNav: 53.79624900,-2.55114900
None Take metal gate onto road and head East along road.
25 Lower Studdlehurst OS Grid Ref: SD 64077 33322    SatNav: 53.79495800,-2.54681200
None After Lower Studdlehurst pond take footpath South along East side of
26 Sandford Well bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 64082 32906    SatNav: 53.79122400,-2.54669200
None Cross footbridge and turn south to follow footpath South along West
side of hedge.
27 Sandford Well Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 64040 32680    SatNav: 53.78918400,-2.54730600
None Take stile South of field to continue South on East side of hedge.
28 Smalley stile OS Grid Ref: SD 64130 32499    SatNav: 53.78756600,-2.54592100
None Cross stile keep heading south until reach gateway on West side.At gateway head east across field to hedge on opposite side.
29 Smalley footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 64277 32431    SatNav: 53.78696400,-2.54368700
None Cross bridge and head to gate at NE corner of field.
30 Fletcher gate OS Grid Ref: SD 64487 32527    SatNav: 53.78784200,-2.54049700
None Pass through gate and continue East along hedge boundary.
31 Osbalderston Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 64780 32664    SatNav: 53.78909200,-2.53607000
None Take gate and path back to Osbalderston Lane.

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