Parbold Fairy Glen Circular (5 miles)

Walk starts from Wayfarers pub Parbold
(01Start on map) and follows clockwise circular 
route via Leeds Liverpool canal, Fairy Glen and 
Parbold Hill.

Food and drink available in Parbold and Parbold Hill.

Parking at start [WN8 7NL]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 49038 10287    SatNav: 53.58667701,-2.77131116
None Parking available in Wayfarers Pub car park.
02Bradshaw Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 49244 10355    SatNav: 53.58730654,-2.76820806
None Turn South (right) into Bradshaw Lane
03Stables OS Grid Ref: SD 49442 10248    SatNav: 53.58637015,-2.76520360
None Take track East on North side of stables.
04Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 49658 10226    SatNav: 53.58618516,-2.76192687
None After passing through gate head North and take track along South of
stream. Take path North along West side of the site of Douglas Church.
05Chapel Lane Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 49852 10232    SatNav: 53.58625884,-2.75900284
None Cross bridge North over canal then continue North along Chapel
06Wood Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 49985 10558    SatNav: 53.58920236,-2.75704799
None Take Wood Lane South East (right).
07Gillibrand Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 50953 10112    SatNav: 53.58529064,-2.74235479
None Take footpath East.
08Quarry Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 51149 10106    SatNav: 53.58525603,-2.73938709
None Keep heading East along path.
09Parbold Hall View OS Grid Ref: SD 51284 10151    SatNav: 53.58566791,-2.73736563
None Follow footpath East along side of private track.
10Fairy Glen OS Grid Ref: SD 51632 10129    SatNav: 53.58550346,-2.73209819
None Take stile into wood and follow paths North (left) through Fairy
11Fairy Glen Falls OS Grid Ref: SD 51724 10437    SatNav: 53.58827896,-2.73076287
None Cross footbridge by falls and continue North along footpaths.
12Parbold Hill Road OS Grid Ref: SD 51498 10868    SatNav: 53.59212894,-2.73423708
None Take footpath West (left) on North beside of Parbold Hill Road to
restaurant/pub opposite viewpoint.
13Viewpoint OS Grid Ref: SD 50880 10720    SatNav: 53.59074314,-2.74355408
None After admiring the view take track South (left) down slope.
14Wood Lane crossing OS Grid Ref: SD 50887 10120    SatNav: 53.58535129,-2.74335366
None Cross Wood Lane and follow track South over railway line towards
15Leeds Liverpool Canal OS Grid Ref: SD 50736 09982    SatNav: 53.58409790,-2.74560546
None Cross footbridge to towpath on South of canal, head West (right)
along towpath.
16Chapel Bridge Return OS Grid Ref: SD 49859 10222    SatNav: 53.58616898,-2.75889580
None At bridge leave towpath and follow path South (left) via waypoints
04, 03, 02 back to start.

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