Pennington Green Circular (5 miles)

5m circular walk via Borsdane Wood 
Pennington Green, Kirkless wood and Hindley Hall.
Parking at start [WN2 4BT]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 62474 05195    SatNav: 53.54204555,-2.56774633
None Parking at start, take Hindley Mill Lane North.
02Tunnel OS Grid Ref: SD 62481 05314    SatNav: 53.54311979,-2.56765514
None Pass under rail tunnel continue on good quality path North.
03Borsdane OS Grid Ref: SD 62470 05487    SatNav: 53.54467533,-2.56783213
None Continue North through Borsdane Wood keeping mill stream to East of
04Borsdane OS Grid Ref: SD 62304 05721    SatNav: 53.54676629,-2.57036414
None Follow winding path North through wood.
05Borsdane OS Grid Ref: SD 62447 06117    SatNav: 53.55033598,-2.56826128
None Path heads North through woodland.
06Borsdane OS Grid Ref: SD 62727 06291    SatNav: 53.55191675,-2.56405558
None Keep heading North on good quality path.
07Borsdane OS Grid Ref: SD 62995 06720    SatNav: 53.55579192,-2.56006445
None Continue following path North.
08Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 62792 07207    SatNav: 53.56015744,-2.56319194
None Cross footbridge and continue North up hill.
09Mill Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 62897 07275    SatNav: 53.56077000,-2.56161000
None Cross stone bridge and turn West into Mill Lane car park. Exit car park via Westerly path.
10Ilkeston OS Grid Ref: SD 62664 07262    SatNav: 53.56063540,-2.56512846
Take Dodds Farm Lane West.
11Dodds Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 62347 07319    SatNav: 53.56113245,-2.56991356
None Turn South West off Dodds Farm Lane.
12Reservoir OS Grid Ref: SD 62247 07229    SatNav: 53.56031357,-2.57141023
None Take path West between fences.
13Hall Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 61939 07210    SatNav: 53.56011602,-2.57606118
None Carefully cross Hall Lane.
14Bradshaw Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 61605 07375    SatNav: 53.56157534,-2.58111983
None Briefly enter field and head NW to exit gate.
15Bull Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 61552 07426    SatNav: 53.56203416,-2.58192449
None Exit field via gate onto lane.Take lane NW.
16Wood Road OS Grid Ref: SD 61285 07619    SatNav: 53.56375000,-2.58599000
None Turn South on Wood Road passing via sports ground.
17Emu Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 61187 07469    SatNav: 53.56239420,-2.58744448
None Take path South on West side of Kirkless Wood.
18Kirkless OS Grid Ref: SD 61061 07323    SatNav: 53.56106873,-2.58933272
None Follow path South keeping close to farmland.
19Boundary OS Grid Ref: SD 60887 06975    SatNav: 53.55793332,-2.59190764
None Route turns SE at field boundary.
20Fish Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 60967 06861    SatNav: 53.55691361,-2.59068995
None Follow path as it bears South beside fishing pond.
21Withington Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 60972 06730    SatNav: 53.55573137,-2.59059876
None Turn East along Withington Lane.
22Foal OS Grid Ref: SD 61115 06620    SatNav: 53.55475942,-2.58843153
None Leave Withington Lane via footpath heading SE
23High Fence OS Grid Ref: SD 61032 06535    SatNav: 53.55398185,-2.58967604
None Upon reaching security fence take path East along North side of
24Fence Corner OS Grid Ref: SD 61295 06432    SatNav: 53.55308316,-2.58568495
None Follow footpath as it turns South by fence and continue along path as
it leads down slope and through wood.
25Warehouse OS Grid Ref: SD 61197 05867    SatNav: 53.54799000,-2.58709000
None Follow path briefly SE on North side of wood.
26Golf Course OS Grid Ref: SD 61305 05778    SatNav: 53.54720000,-2.58546000
None On reaching boundary of golf course take track NE,
27Club House OS Grid Ref: SD 61549 05965    SatNav: 53.54890000,-2.58180000
None Take path East through buildings.
28Hindley Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 61696 05983    SatNav: 53.54907068,-2.57958024
None Take road SE towards main road.
29Hall Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 61937 05852    SatNav: 53.54791053,-2.57592171
None Briefly head South on Hall Lane.
30America Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 61941 05802    SatNav: 53.54746112,-2.57585733
None Just before houses on East side of road follow footpath SE behind
31Field OS Grid Ref: SD 62073 05684    SatNav: 53.54641000,-2.57385000
None Take footpath initially East towards tree line and follow it as it
bears SE downhill.
32Valley Floor OS Grid Ref: SD 62464 05486    SatNav: 53.54466258,-2.56792336
None On reaching valley floor turn South on path via tunnel and back to
33End OS Grid Ref: SD 62468 05220    SatNav: 53.54226869,-2.56783753
None Back at start.

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