Lower Penwortham Circular (7 miles)

7 mile circular walk starts by following River Ribble
from Lower Penwortham to Old Tram Way then onto Brown Edge Wood  
before crossing to North bank of River Ribble  which it follows back 
to start.

Parking as start PR1 9UD.

Refreshments on route.

Bus 111, 12 to start

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 52770 28427    SatNav: 53.75005580,-2.71770000
None Parking available by River Ribble along track to sports ground if
offical car park is closed.
Turn SE (left) along Leyland Road passing Penwortham Old Bridge onto Riverside Rd.
02Riverside OS Grid Ref: SD 53208 28155    SatNav: 53.74765760,-2.71102670
None At end of Riverside continue on footpath beside River Ribble passing
under rail bridges as river bends NE.
03Old Tram Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 54173 28571    SatNav: 53.75147680,-2.69645690
None Turn South (right) along historic Old Tram Rd
04Factory Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 54116 27401    SatNav: 53.74095740,-2.69714360
None At junction of Old Tram Rd and disused rail track take the right most
path of pair which follows the ex rail track.
05Wishingpool Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 54567 26781    SatNav: 53.73542380,-2.69021270
None Continue along path as it passes above Wishingpool Lane and crosses
Todd Lane North.
06London Way OS Grid Ref: SD 55574 26124    SatNav: 53.72961020,-2.67484900
None Carefully head East crossing London Way dual carriageway using
official crossing point.
07Brown Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 55612 26129    SatNav: 53.72965780,-2.67428040
None Pass through gate into Brown Edge Wood and turn North (left)
following footpath closest to woodlands west boundary onto hard surfaced path.
08Dog Kennel Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 55480 26958    SatNav: 53.73709920,-2.67639400
None Leave substantial path turning East (right) along footpath intially
behind houses then heading NE.
09Hennel Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 55492 27112    SatNav: 53.73848260,-2.67623310
None Take footbridge over Hennel Brook and turn North (left) following
path closest to brook.
10Hennel Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 55392 27614    SatNav: 53.74298470,-2.67782630
None Turn East (right) along Hennel Lane passing shops offering
refreshment opportunities.
11Chorley Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 55775 27733    SatNav: 53.74408560,-2.67204340
None On meeting Chorley Rd turn North (left) briefly along it.
12Walton Green OS Grid Ref: SD 55695 27915    SatNav: 53.74571940,-2.67327730
None Turn West (left) along Walton Green.
13River Darwen OS Grid Ref: SD 55336 27897    SatNav: 53.74552590,-2.67871140
None Continue NW on path as it follows River Darwen passing under London
14Winnery Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 55006 28118    SatNav: 53.74748000,-2.68375400
None Turn East (right) along Winnery Lane towards retail park. Refreshments and
retail therapy available with minor detour.
15Capitol Centre OS Grid Ref: SD 55076 28180    SatNav: 53.74804780,-2.68269720
None After crossing River Darwen turn North (left) taking path between
River Darwen and car park.
16River Ribble OS Grid Ref: SD 54958 28302    SatNav: 53.74912950,-2.68450500
None Turn NE (right) following footpath along bank of River Ribble.
17Victoria Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 55340 28610    SatNav: 53.75193360,-2.67875430
None Turn North (left) taking bridge over Rivver Ribble.
18Ashworth Grove OS Grid Ref: SD 55250 28768    SatNav: 53.75334190,-2.68014910
None Turn SW (left) along Ashworth Grove and follow footpath along North
bank of River Ribble.
19Frenchwood OS Grid Ref: SD 54584 28374    SatNav: 53.74974810,-2.69019660
None Continue beside the river as it passes Frenchwood Park and enters
Avenham Park.
20Rail Viaduct OS Grid Ref: SD 53759 28602    SatNav: 53.75172100,-2.70273330
None Pass under rail viaduct to continue beside the river. Refreshment options
available before and after the bridges.
21Riverside OS Grid Ref: SD 53278 28229    SatNav: 53.74833010,-2.70997520
None Continue West along Riversway to Penwortham Old Bridge, now a
pedestrian bridge.
22Penwortham Old Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 53035 28325    SatNav: 53.74916760,-2.71366600
None Turn South (left) over Penwortham Old Bridge.
23Tinkerbells OS Grid Ref: SD 52976 28241    SatNav: 53.74840630,-2.71454570
None Turn NW (right) briefly along Leyland Rd back to start.
24The End OS Grid Ref: SD 52804 28388    SatNav: 53.74971320,-2.71718500
None All Done

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