Rainford Linear Park Circular (7 miles)

7m circular route initially along Rainford  
Linear Park before heading over open countryside 
back to start.

Food and drink available in Rainford.

Parking at start [WA11 7JT] at end of track
beside railway station.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 47677 02418    SatNav: 53.51581761,-2.79054309
None Take Rainford Linear Park pathway south.
02Cross Pit Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 47908 00936    SatNav: 53.50252409,-2.78681482
None Carefully cross Cross Pit Lane to continuation of Rainford Linear
Park running South.
03Rookery Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 48571 00211    SatNav: 53.49607522,-2.77669753
None Turn right, SW, and follow Rookery Lane.
04Church Road OS Grid Ref: SD 48284 00165    SatNav: 53.49563324,-2.78102125
None At road junction take Church Road South (left).
05Pasture Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 48401 99458    SatNav: 53.48928546,-2.77913566
None Very carefully cross Rainford Bypass and briefly turn NW (right)
along cycleway.
06Leave Bypass OS Grid Ref: SJ 48257 99562    SatNav: 53.49020784,-2.78133507
None Take disused track SW (left) running between fields.
07Reeds Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 47982 99259    SatNav: 53.48745977,-2.78542276
None Turn NW (right) to follow Reeds Lane. Upon reaching Reeds Farm an
alternative footpath has been provided running South (left) around farm buildings.
08Mossborough Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 47186 99442    SatNav: 53.48902374,-2.79744978
None Carefully cross Mossborough Lane to pick up farm track heading NW.
09Claires Moss OS Grid Ref: SJ 46567 99796    SatNav: 53.49214671,-2.80683483
None Follow track as it heads South beside Claires Moss Wood.
10Mossborough Hall OS Grid Ref: SJ 46230 98991    SatNav: 53.48486953,-2.81177010
None Follow Mossborough Hall Lane West (right).
11Bunker Hill OS Grid Ref: SJ 45863 98983    SatNav: 53.48476739,-2.81730617
None Take Coach Road North (right)
12Dairy Farm Road OS Grid Ref: SD 45680 00616    SatNav: 53.49942263,-2.82035316
None Turn North East (right) along Dairy Farm Road, carefully cross
Rainford bypass to continue along lane.
13Ormskirk Road OS Grid Ref: SD 47218 01695    SatNav: 53.50927505,-2.79735054
None Turn briefly North (left) along Ormskirk Rd.
14B5203 OS Grid Ref: SD 47117 01829    SatNav: 53.51047454,-2.79889549
None Leave B5203 on footpath heading NE (right) between fields onto track.
15Junction Road OS Grid Ref: SD 47527 01955    SatNav: 53.51164848,-2.79273714
None Follow Junction Road North (left)
16Allotments OS Grid Ref: SD 47479 02324    SatNav: 53.51495319,-2.79350962
None Take path NE through trees to Linear Park track and turn North (left)
back to start.
17The End OS Grid Ref: SD 47665 02403    SatNav: 53.51568364,-2.79072548
None All done.

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