Rainford Siding Lane Circular (7 miles)

7m circular route starting from Sidling Lane Nature Reserve 
travelling along edge of reserve before crossing railway line 
to continue over open farmland and country lanes to reenter 
via woodland section of reserve.

Parking at start WA11 7SR 

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 46487 02106    SatNav: 53.51290000,-2.80844000
None Parking in Nature reserve car park. Take Siding Lane West (away from dual carriage way).
02Yellow Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 46089 01964    SatNav: 53.51157630,-2.81441032
None Pass beside yellow gate to continue SW along path
03Railtrack OS Grid Ref: SD 45933 01778    SatNav: 53.50989195,-2.81672775
None Ascend embankment South (left) by narrow path to very carefully
cross railtrack, its still in use, via metal gates.
04Plantation OS Grid Ref: SD 46381 01628    SatNav: 53.50859035,-2.80994713
None Continue south on path beside Nursery Plantation.
05Dairy Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 46671 01310    SatNav: 53.50575733,-2.80552685
None Cross Dairy Farm Lane to pick up footpath opposite and continue South
along field boundary.
06Bypass OS Grid Ref: SD 46923 00906    SatNav: 53.50216000,-2.80166000
None Continue SW along field boundary.
07Moss Nook OS Grid Ref: SD 47230 00602    SatNav: 53.49945254,-2.79698669
None Continue on Moss Nook Lane as it passes through Inglenook farm yard. Refreshments here in farm shop.
08Rainford Bypass OS Grid Ref: SD 47398 00421    SatNav: 53.49784429,-2.79441177
None Take footpath South (right) beside Rainford Bypass.
09Exit Bypass OS Grid Ref: SD 47488 00267    SatNav: 53.49646574,-2.79303848
None Turn West (right) down lane.
10Mossnook Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 47368 00262    SatNav: 53.49641468,-2.79484093
None Follow farm track as it turns SW (left) beside Mossnook Farm.
11Moorgame Farm OS Grid Ref: SJ 46904 99759    SatNav: 53.49184471,-2.80175030
None At paths junction take path West (right)
12Claires Moss OS Grid Ref: SJ 46557 99806    SatNav: 53.49222769,-2.80698597
None Follow track SW (left) along side of Claires Moss Plantation.
13Mossborough Hall OS Grid Ref: SJ 46229 98982    SatNav: 53.48479731,-2.81179249
None Turn NW (right) along Mossborough Hall Lane.
14Bunker Hill OS Grid Ref: SJ 46054 99110    SatNav: 53.48592089,-2.81445324
None Follow track SW (left) towards Bunker Hill
15Coach Road OS Grid Ref: SJ 45859 98978    SatNav: 53.48472070,-2.81737148
None Turn North (right) along Coach Road.
16Dairy Road OS Grid Ref: SD 45678 00611    SatNav: 53.49937596,-2.82037556
None Continue North past Dairy Farm Road.
17Rail Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 45421 01526    SatNav: 53.50756947,-2.82440960
None Continue North over railtrack.
18Ben Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 44842 02384    SatNav: 53.51522551,-2.83329307
None Having passed through gateway turn SE (right) along Ben Lane
19Moss House OS Grid Ref: SD 45154 02295    SatNav: 53.51445997,-2.82857239
None Leave Ben Lane by taking farm track South (right).
20Railtrack OS Grid Ref: SD 45745 01704    SatNav: 53.50920287,-2.81956016
None Turn East (left) alongside railtrack.
21Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 46107 01978    SatNav: 53.51171000,-2.81415000
None Turn South (right) to take path beside pond.
22Pithead OS Grid Ref: SD 46146 01915    SatNav: 53.51114246,-2.81355202
None Turn East (left) taking path through woodland.
23Steps OS Grid Ref: SD 46447 02065    SatNav: 53.51252000,-2.80904000
None Ascend steps NE and follow path East back to car park.
24The End OS Grid Ref: SD 46478 02090    SatNav: 53.51275021,-2.80857384
None All done.

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