Ribchester Higher Hud Circular Walk (6 miles)

Walk starts outside Ribchester Arms and follows
a circular route via Duddel Wood, Higher Hud and
River Ribble. Parking and food in Ribchester.

Parking at start [PR3 3ZQ]

For directions and images click on map waypoints. 

01Ribchester Arms OS Grid Ref: SD 65287 35443    SatNav: 53.81410671,-2.52869345
None Take Blackburn Rd East in front of car park.
02Stydd Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 65350 35449    SatNav: 53.81415961,-2.52773520
None Take Stydd Lane North (left) over Boyce Brook.
03Leave Stydd OS Grid Ref: SD 65358 35502    SatNav: 53.81464080,-2.52761931
None Leave lane by taking footpath NE (right).
04Stydd Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 65455 35631    SatNav: 53.81580564,-2.52615449
None Pass through gate and contine NE along path.
05Stydd_Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 65515 35759    SatNav: 53.81695689,-2.52525930
None Cross Stydd Brook via footbridge and head briefly East (right) to
another bridge.
06Brook_Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 65545 35764    SatNav: 53.81700484,-2.52481657
None Cross bridge and contine NE on footpath on West (left) side of
07Duddel Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 65668 35923    SatNav: 53.81843948,-2.52295721
None Cross stile and continue NW along footpath.
08Duddel Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 65961 36083    SatNav: 53.81990347,-2.51853249
None Take bridge over brook and head North (left) across field.
09Duddel Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 65871 36305    SatNav: 53.82188503,-2.51991995
None Pass through gate continuing North along path.
10Oak Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 65696 36610    SatNav: 53.82461628,-2.52261775
None Pass through gate and turn NE (right) towards Duddel Wood.
11Duddel Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 65811 36689    SatNav: 53.82533729,-2.52087892
None Take stile into wood and take path East (right) down to beck.
12Duddel_Beck OS Grid Ref: SD 65904 36725    SatNav: 53.82566795,-2.51946489
None Cross bridge and take path heading North through wood.
13Mill_Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 65925 36842    SatNav: 53.82671695,-2.51916423
None Path passes below mill pond on approach to bridge.
14Duddel Water OS Grid Ref: SD 65915 36883    SatNav: 53.82708667,-2.51930941
None Take bridge over stream and continue North on undulating path along
West side of valley.
15Duddel Steps OS Grid Ref: SD 65885 37081    SatNav: 53.82886707,-2.51978559
None Use stepping stones to cross stream and ascend East (right) side of
16Exit Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 65887 37189    SatNav: 53.82983745,-2.51976622
None Use stile to exit wood and head North along East side of wood.
17Three Turns Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 65979 37464    SatNav: 53.83231329,-2.51840693
None Cross stile and head diagonally NE across field towards B6243.
18Hurst Green Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 66100 37694    SatNav: 53.83438625,-2.51659322
None Head briefly NW (left) along Hurst Green Rd.
19Pope Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 66055 37756    SatNav: 53.83494053,-2.51728384
None Take lane NE opposite Pope Farm.
20Manor House Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 66163 37826    SatNav: 53.83557469,-2.51564367
None Take gate on East of farm buildings across field.
21Manor House Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 66258 37970    SatNav: 53.83687774,-2.51422981
None Cross bridge and follow footpath NE
22Carlinghurst OS Grid Ref: SD 66474 38093    SatNav: 53.83799664,-2.51094913
None Take stile over farm track and continue North (left) along West side
of fence.
23Lower Hud Gates OS Grid Ref: SD 66576 38405    SatNav: 53.84080733,-2.50943831
None Use pair of gates to enter field and take path NE towards Higher Hud
24Higher Hud Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 66630 38511    SatNav: 53.84176238,-2.50862357
None Use stile at field corner to enter field below Higher Hud Lee.
25Higher Hud farm OS Grid Ref: SD 66765 38632    SatNav: 53.84285967,-2.50659078
None Take farm lane South (right) to Longridge B6243 before turning East
(left) along road towards Hurst Green.
26Bailey Hall lane OS Grid Ref: SD 67343 37870    SatNav: 53.83604794,-2.49772541
None Take lane South (left) on West side of Dean House.
27Bailey Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 67444 37516    SatNav: 53.83287119,-2.49615859
None Leave lane (right), no footpath marker visible, approx 400 yards down
lane, just south of highest point on lane and head SW towards tree line.
28Dove Cote Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 67297 37403    SatNav: 53.83184801,-2.49836865
None Cross bridge and continue SE on footpath towards wood.
29Clough Bank Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 67195 37144    SatNav: 53.82951868,-2.49989097
None Take stile into wood and descend down East valley side.
30Starling Brook Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 67190 37111    SatNav: 53.82921836,-2.49996758
None Cross brook via bridge and ascend West side of valley.
31Clough Bank Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 67190 37090    SatNav: 53.82902797,-2.49996670
None Leave Clough Bank Wood via stile and take track SE.
32Starling lane OS Grid Ref: SD 67388 36850    SatNav: 53.82688257,-2.49693652
None Leave lane via footpath, not marked clearly, and head (right) SW
across field to Haugh Wood.
33Haugh Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 67135 36668    SatNav: 53.82523419,-2.50075657
None Use gate to pass through wood. Keep to path heading West.
34Hall View OS Grid Ref: SD 67080 36590    SatNav: 53.82452721,-2.50158415
None Good view over Ribble and Salesbury Hall. Continue West on footpath along North side of Stewarts Wood.
35Stewarts Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 66901 36573    SatNav: 53.82436817,-2.50430262
None Pass through gate and follow path SW down hill.
36Dewhurst Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 66679 36285    SatNav: 53.82176115,-2.50764851
None Pass through gate and continue on path through Dewhurst Farm yard.
37Dewhurst Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 66632 36156    SatNav: 53.82060067,-2.50834764
None Take lane SW along bank of River Ribble.
38Ribble_Reflection OS Grid Ref: SD 66336 35839    SatNav: 53.81773188,-2.51280245
None Continue SW along lane.
39Ribchester Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 66211 35699    SatNav: 53.81646580,-2.51468310
None Take footpath NW (right) across field towards Ease Barn Farm.
40Gallows Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 66046 35795    SatNav: 53.81731564,-2.51720388
None Take stile on path between farm buildings then onto Gallows Lane. Turn briefly North along Gallows Lane.
41Holmes Farm Track OS Grid Ref: SD 66060 35915    SatNav: 53.81839479,-2.51700400
None Take farm track West (left) to farm and continue South West through farm
42Holmes Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 65830 35899    SatNav: 53.81823588,-2.52049558
None Take path SW from farm buildings.
43Holmes Farm Path OS Grid Ref: SD 65785 35840    SatNav: 53.81770615,-2.52116826
None Leave path via footpath which passes West diagonally across field.
44Back to Stydd OS Grid Ref: SD 65564 35760    SatNav: 53.81696796,-2.52451642
None Exit field via gate and follow path South (left) back to start via
waypoints 05...01.

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