Sefton Meadows Circular (5 miles)

5m circular walk including Sefton Mill site,
Sefton Meadows and River Alt.
Refreshments in Sefton.
Parking at start [L29 7WG] 

01Mill Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 35705 01244    SatNav: 53.50393934,-2.97082555
None Take Mill Lane North beside church.
02Mill Site OS Grid Ref: SD 35756 01378    SatNav: 53.50515175,-2.97008526
None Take gate North of Sefton Mill site and follow path SE behind houses. Notice boards on mill site explain its history.
03Mill Steam OS Grid Ref: SD 35902 01293    SatNav: 53.50440517,-2.96787512
None Follow Mill Stream Close South West.
04Bridges Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 35791 01224    SatNav: 53.50377343,-2.96952736
None Turn South briefly along Bridges Lane.
05Brickwall Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 35809 01194    SatNav: 53.50349904,-2.96924841
None Take Brickwall Lane East along North side footpath.
06B5422 OS Grid Ref: SD 35901 01231    SatNav: 53.50385001,-2.96786707
None Carefully cross main road and take footpath as it bears SW.
07Brickwall OS Grid Ref: SD 35758 01031    SatNav: 53.50203452,-2.96998601
None Footpath turns briefly SE.
08Green OS Grid Ref: SD 35793 00966    SatNav: 53.50145381,-2.96943884
None Take footpath SW along side of watercourse.
09Broom Cross Road OS Grid Ref: SD 35555 00545    SatNav: 53.49763683,-2.97293726
None Turn East on footpath running along South side of fence keeping away
from the busy road.
10Netherton Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 35887 00555    SatNav: 53.49777086,-2.96793762
None Continue SE along path by fence.
11Chapel Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 36166 00415    SatNav: 53.49654931,-2.96370160
None Turn NE down Chapel Lane.
12Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 36311 00462    SatNav: 53.49698650,-2.96153437
None Continue NE along good quality path.
13River Alt OS Grid Ref: SD 36630 00710    SatNav: 53.49925212,-2.95676809
None Cross bridge over River Alt and turn East along North side of river.
14Melling Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 37083 00687    SatNav: 53.49910215,-2.94993650
None Foottpath turns North along West side of Melling Brook.
15Medway OS Grid Ref: SD 36682 01409    SatNav: 53.50553780,-2.95613509
None Leave footpath onto Medway and follow it NE.
16Racecourse OS Grid Ref: SD 36741 01495    SatNav: 53.50632264,-2.95525532
None Turn North along Old Racecourse Road.
17Sefton Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 36626 01803    SatNav: 53.50907906,-2.95705777
None Cross over Sefton Lane via traffic lights and turn West down Sefton
Drive to pathway between house and main road.
18Cheshire Line OS Grid Ref: SD 36505 01759    SatNav: 53.50866433,-2.95887094
None Follow Cheshire Line North.
19Maghull Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 36079 02850    SatNav: 53.51841892,-2.96551209
None Turn West along path on North side embankment of Maghull Brook.
20Showrick Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 35349 02519    SatNav: 53.51535690,-2.97645550
None Take Showrick Bridge over River Alt and follow path South.
21Moor Lane. OS Grid Ref: SD 35321 02369    SatNav: 53.51400443,-2.97684174
None Turn West along substantial path.
22Sefton Boundary OS Grid Ref: SD 35813 02118    SatNav: 53.51180978,-2.96937447
None Path branches SW through Mersey Forest.
23Mersey Forest OS Grid Ref: SD 35544 01790    SatNav: 53.50882384,-2.97336560
None Cross footbridge and continue South.
24St Helens Well OS Grid Ref: SD 35461 01305    SatNav: 53.50445941,-2.97452431
None Upon reaching Lunt Road turn East back to start. St Helens Well is on opposite side of road.
25End OS Grid Ref: SD 35666 01257    SatNav: 53.50405037,-2.97142449
None Back at start.

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