Shevington Standish Circular (6 miles)

6m mile circular route  starting from Shevington 
crossing Mill Brook into Elnup Wood, From here the route 
makes its way via Standish Park to cross Mill Brook and 
M6 motorway onto Shevington Vale. Having made its way 
around the vale the route heads back to start over 
Gathurst Golf course.

Parking  near start  WN6 8HN

Bus 640 to start

Refreshments at waypoint 12

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 54210 08175    SatNav: 53.56817270,-2.69287350
None Head East along Vicarage Lane past sports ground and allotments.
02Wood Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 54851 07886    SatNav: 53.56563040,-2.68315320
None Leave track East (left) following curving Northern boundary of
03Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 55036 07873    SatNav: 53.56553480,-2.68036370
None Turn East (left) entering wood to take footbidge over Mill Brook.
04Lower Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 55084 07919    SatNav: 53.56594900,-2.67964480
None Carefully cross Wigan Lower Road to briefly head North (left).
05Exit Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 55075 07962    SatNav: 53.56633770,-2.67978430
None Take track East (right) off Wigan Lower Road.
06Memorial OS Grid Ref: SD 55413 08083    SatNav: 53.56744640,-2.67469880
None Continue East on track past small war memorial.
07Pit Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 55569 08291    SatNav: 53.56933200,-2.67238100
None On reaching Pit Pond turn SE (right) to follow path along edge of
08Standish Park OS Grid Ref: SD 55855 08188    SatNav: 53.56842760,-2.66804700
None Turn NE (left) to follow Eastern boundary of Standish Park.
09Standish Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 56154 08617    SatNav: 53.57231400,-2.66358380
None Take path NW (left) past site of Standish Hall, now farm. Good views
West to Billinge Hill and Beacon Park.
10Hermitage OS Grid Ref: SD 55551 09601    SatNav: 53.58110490,-2.67283200
None Turn SW (left) on path opposite site of Catholic hermitage.
11Elnup Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 55030 09147    SatNav: 53.57697720,-2.68064260
None Cross over Mill Brook to turn North (right) up incline onto Parkbrook
12Parkbrook Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 54666 09351    SatNav: 53.57878630,-2.68615720
None Turn North (right) briefly onto Shevington Lane.
13Shevington Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 54679 09485    SatNav: 53.57998380,-2.68598560
None Take path NW (left) off Shevington Lane crossing over motorway bridge
onto northern edge of wood.
14Hullet Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 53964 09866    SatNav: 53.58334690,-2.69684310
None Take path NW across field towards communications tower.
15Aerial OS Grid Ref: SD 53591 10071    SatNav: 53.58515570,-2.70250800
None Follow field boundary South (sharp left)
16Runshaw OS Grid Ref: SD 53752 09828    SatNav: 53.58299020,-2.70004030
None Take path SW (right) via horse paddock and along southern side of
17Newgate OS Grid Ref: SD 53463 09485    SatNav: 53.57988190,-2.70435330
None Pass through gate to take path down slope and follow it as it it
curves South (left).
18Miles Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 53152 08917    SatNav: 53.57474800,-2.70896700
None Turn SE (left) briefly along Miles Lane.
19Forrest Fold OS Grid Ref: SD 53234 08840    SatNav: 53.57406600,-2.70771100
None Leave Miles Lane South (right) taking path South around field
20Broadridings Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 53165 08506    SatNav: 53.57105250,-2.70870920
None Turn East (left) along Broadriding Lane.
21Golf Path OS Grid Ref: SD 53318 08506    SatNav: 53.57106530,-2.70639180
None Leave lane taking path SE (right) carefully across Shevington Golf
22Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 53787 08199    SatNav: 53.56835110,-2.69926790
None Cross footbridge to continue East on path through houses onto
Vicarage Lane and back to start.
23The End OS Grid Ref: SD 54196 08176    SatNav: 53.56818550,-2.69308810
None All Done.

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