Burnley Singing Ringing Tree Circular (7m)

Walk starts from Towneley Hall Burnley
(01Start) and follows anticlockwise circular route via 
Golf Course, Singing Ringing Tree sound sculpture and Dyneley.

Food and drink available in Townweley Hall.

Parking at Towneley Hall [BB11 3RQ].

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 85518 30933    SatNav: 53.77452787,-2.22121951
None Start Towneley Hall Cafe. Plenty of parking near hall.Take path around South side of hall to rear of hall
02Boulder Walk OS Grid Ref: SD 85412 30832    SatNav: 53.77361801,-2.22283085
None Take path West up slope towards bridge.
03Boggart Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 85170 30767    SatNav: 53.77303077,-2.22649533
None Take path North then West (left) and follow to A67.
04Todmoreden Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 85022 30780    SatNav: 53.77314284,-2.22874554
None Turn South (left) along footpath to end of layby and then cross road
to take Burnley Way path between houses.
05Kiln Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 85039 30706    SatNav: 53.77247975,-2.22848168
None Take path up hill to gate.
06Rail Tunnel OS Grid Ref: SD 84990 30650    SatNav: 53.77196880,-2.22921786
None Follow path NW (Right) through wood.
07Kiln Field Entry OS Grid Ref: SD 84618 30877    SatNav: 53.77399721,-2.23486885
None Take stile into open field. Head NW to gate in corner.
08Exit Kiln OS Grid Ref: SD 84549 30940    SatNav: 53.77456173,-2.23592145
None Leave field by gate and head NE (right) along path through woods
behind houses.
09The Kilns OS Grid Ref: SD 84596 31011    SatNav: 53.77520000,-2.23521000
None Take path West along South side of stream.
10Timber Lane Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 84447 31001    SatNav: 53.77511000,-2.23747000
None Follow path along South side of stream to kissing gate.
11Timber Hill Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 84360 30965    SatNav: 53.77478150,-2.23879385
None Cross Timber Hill Lane and follow footpath South (left) to main rd.
12A646 OS Grid Ref: SD 84407 30764    SatNav: 53.77297964,-2.23806471
None Pass through gate and take footpath North (right) briefly before
crossing road to path opposite.
13New Road OS Grid Ref: SD 84341 30784    SatNav: 53.77315349,-2.23906475
None Follow path South on West side of hedge up hill towards farm.
14Woodplumpton Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 84235 30520    SatNav: 53.77077529,-2.24066486
None Take track South towards, enter course via stile.
15Golf Course OS Grid Ref: SD 84201 30289    SatNav: 53.76870000,-2.24117000
None Take footpath East (left) towards boundary fence.
16Exit Golf Club OS Grid Ref: SD 84314 30230    SatNav: 53.76818000,-2.23945000
None Take stile out of Golf Club and head East across field towards
sculpture on skyline.
17Copy Clough OS Grid Ref: SD 84513 30097    SatNav: 53.76699000,-2.23642000
None Head South (right) along West bank of Copy Clough.
18Old Dam OS Grid Ref: SD 84425 29719    SatNav: 53.76359000,-2.23775000
None Follow path SW on North side of pond.
19Raised Dyke OS Grid Ref: SD 84294 29552    SatNav: 53.76208116,-2.23971996
None Head SW along top of raised dyke to road.
20Crown Point Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 84089 29367    SatNav: 53.76041408,-2.24282169
None Head South East (left) along Crown Point Road to first gate on North side of road
21Leave Crown Point Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 84267 29237    SatNav: 53.75924699,-2.24011165
None Take winding path East (left) to car park.
22Car Park OS Grid Ref: SD 84770 28830    SatNav: 53.75560432,-2.23246528
None Take path from rear of car park to Singing Ringing Tree
23Singing Ringing Tree OS Grid Ref: SD 85110 28941    SatNav: 53.75661683,-2.22731190
None Take stile at East corner of enclosure into field. Head NE to marker post in corner of field.
24Backup Rd Marker OS Grid Ref: SD 85398 29081    SatNav: 53.75787696,-2.22295599
None Head NE down hill to track above cottage.
25Buck Cottage OS Grid Ref: SD 85556 29258    SatNav: 53.75947162,-2.22055784
None Take concrete path SE (right) down hill to main road.
26Heyne Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 85760 29212    SatNav: 53.75907004,-2.21746811
None Head North (left) along Bacup Road to postbox
27Dynely Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 85711 29493    SatNav: 53.76159000,-2.21823000
None Take Lane SE (right) off main rd
28Dynely Junction OS Grid Ref: SD 85815 29397    SatNav: 53.76072899,-2.21664702
None At junction take road North (left)
29Dynley Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 85904 29745    SatNav: 53.76385997,-2.21531547
None Take footbridge East (right) across stream and follow Dynley Lane NE
along wall and down hill to railway.
30Cross Railway OS Grid Ref: SD 86192 29990    SatNav: 53.76607530,-2.21095813
None Cross railway line and take track NE down hill to Todmorden Rd.
31Burnley Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 86238 30059    SatNav: 53.76668953,-2.21026244
None Cross road and take track opposite through estate to River Calder,
cross river onto Park Road.
32Park Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 86368 30180    SatNav: 53.76778295,-2.20829487
None Head North (left) along Park Road to park gates.
33Park Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 86300 30360    SatNav: 53.76939869,-2.20932918
None Take once covered kissing gate into park and follow substantial path
NW back to Towneley Hall.
34All Done OS Grid Ref: SD 85518 30933    SatNav: 53.77453000,-2.22122000
None Back at hall, time for ice cream.

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