Sunny Hurst Wood (2.17 miles)

Walk starts from Dean Lane off Tockholes Road
(01Start) and follows anticlockwise
circular route via Earnsdale Reservoir, Sunnyhurst
Wood and Darwen Golf Course.
Food and drink available in Sunnyhurst Wood visitor Center.
Parking at start [BB3 0NY]
For directions and images click on map waypoints.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 66304 22257
Start Dean Lane Tockholes Rd intersection.
Take laneEast.
02Descend Donkey Brew OS Grid Ref: SD 66922 22315
Descend down Donkey brew cross road into Sunnyhurst wood
03Sunnyhurst Paths OS Grid Ref: SD 67058 22380
Take higher level path 'Weavers Way' along north side of wood.
04Visitor Centre OS Grid Ref: SD 67832 22981
Visitor Centre with cafe
05Visit Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 67781 23009
Take path above visitor center to exit wood
06Leave Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 67711 23009
Leave wood and take footpath North across fieldsto track
07Farm Track OS Grid Ref: SD 67649 23158
Take track SW towards Carr Hall farm
08Carr Hall Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 67551 23120
Take gate on North of farm onto golf course
09Golf Course OS Grid Ref: SD 67330 23015
Follow path SW across golf course towards farm
10Leave Golf course OS Grid Ref: SD 67210 22830
Take path between farm building to road
11Farm Buildings OS Grid Ref: SD 67165 22700
Take stile to road and turn NW
12Footpath to Trash Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 66974 22784
Take path SW between walls to Trash Lane
13Trash Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 66763 22352
Take stile down to trash lane and head south.
14Back to Dean Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 66763 22329
Take Dean Lane West back to start.

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