Sutton Manor Dream Clock Face Circular (5 mile)

5m circular starting at Sutton Manor Park visiting 
The Dream sculpture, Clock Face Country Park, Sutton Mill Dam, 
Brickfields and Daisyfields Nature Reserves.

Parking as start WA9 4BE
Refreshments waypoint 14

01Start OS Grid Ref: SJ 51780 91043    SatNav: 53.41398208,-2.72692706
None Enter Sutton Manor via good quality path
02South OS Grid Ref: SJ 51842 90972    SatNav: 53.41334261,-2.72598292
None Turn South (right) and follow path
03Fork OS Grid Ref: SJ 51774 90742    SatNav: 53.41127064,-2.72696997
None At path junction take left fork and continue south towards M62.
04Dream Base OS Grid Ref: SJ 51942 90497    SatNav: 53.40909000,-2.72440000
None Follow path as to turns East (left) and climbs.
05Dream OS Grid Ref: SJ 52101 90596    SatNav: 53.40999160,-2.72203471
None Follow path North by base of The Dream, stop to admire the view.
06Way Down OS Grid Ref: SJ 52194 90760    SatNav: 53.41147528,-2.72066142
None At path junction turn NE (right).
07Pond OS Grid Ref: SJ 52595 91004    SatNav: 53.41370071,-2.71465327
None Follow path as it bears East (right) opposite pond.
08A569 OS Grid Ref: SJ 52900 90935    SatNav: 53.41311239,-2.71006133
None Carefully cross A569 at lights.
09Clockface OS Grid Ref: SJ 53430 91414    SatNav: 53.41746065,-2.70216491
None Continue East by Clock Face car park before taking path South (right)
beside fishing pond.
10Dog Kennel OS Grid Ref: SJ 54035 91456    SatNav: 53.41789545,-2.69306685
None Follow path East around base of mound.
11Hall Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 54229 91756    SatNav: 53.42060647,-2.69019152
None At junction of paths bear NW (left).
12Gorsey Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 54064 91968    SatNav: 53.42250000,-2.69270000
None Carefully cross Gorsey Lane and take footpath North initially over
farmland and then beside iindustrial units.
13Reginald Rd OS Grid Ref: SJ 53143 92760    SatNav: 53.42953114,-2.70667102
None Turn West (left) along Reginald Road.
14Wheatsheaf OS Grid Ref: SJ 52803 92624    SatNav: 53.42827822,-2.71177794
None Immediately after passing Wheatsheaf pub turn South (left) and follow
path beside Mill Brook.
15Sutton Mill Dam OS Grid Ref: SJ 52643 92338    SatNav: 53.42569555,-2.71413829
None Take steps beside Sutton Mill Dam weir and follow path West beside
16Goodleigh OS Grid Ref: SJ 52269 92293    SatNav: 53.42526083,-2.71976020
None Bear South (left) as path runs behind houses.
17Brickfields OS Grid Ref: SJ 52120 92093    SatNav: 53.42344837,-2.72197302
None Cross Clockface Road and head briefly South (left) before taking path
SW (right) through Brickfields Reserve.
18Chester Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 51824 91863    SatNav: 53.42135133,-2.72639330
None Carefully cross Chester Lane and head briefly South to Daisyfields
Reserve taking good quality path SW through reserve.
19Micklehead OS Grid Ref: SJ 51315 91615    SatNav: 53.41907195,-2.73400809
None Take path South beside and over stream.
20Walkers Lane OS Grid Ref: SJ 51566 91364    SatNav: 53.41684681,-2.73018862
None Carefully cross Walkers Lane and take path South through playing
21Car Park. OS Grid Ref: SJ 51746 91112    SatNav: 53.41459597,-2.72744204
None King Gearge Playing fields car park. The end.

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