Towneley Circular via Holme Chapel (7 miles)

Walk starts from Towneley Hall Burnley
(01Start on map) and follows anticlockwise
circular route via Holme Chapel.
Food and drink available in Hall and Holme Chapel.
Parking In Towneley Hall. [BB11 3RQ]

01Towneley Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 85469 30931    SatNav: 53.77451269,-2.22196165
None Start at Towneley Hall.Food and parking available in hall grounds.Head SE along road in front of fountain.
02Towneley Grounds OS Grid Ref: SD 85664 30808    SatNav: 53.77340595,-2.21900350
None At end of road turn East (left) and take path into grounds.
03Towneley Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 86011 30827    SatNav: 53.77359312,-2.21373959
None Take gate onto Towneley Farm and follow path SE (right).
04Kissing Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 86297 30351    SatNav: 53.76931759,-2.20936784
None Take kissing gate onto Park Road and follow road SE to main road.
05Burnley Road OS Grid Ref: SD 86489 29969    SatNav: 53.76588948,-2.20644607
None Turn West (right) briefly along main road and cross to footpath on
South of road.
06To railway OS Grid Ref: SD 86445 29963    SatNav: 53.76583617,-2.20710866
None Take path SE (left) around South of house.
07Under bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 86354 29819    SatNav: 53.76454091,-2.20848044
None Pass under railway bridge to stile on other side.
08Spring Gardens stile OS Grid Ref: SD 86250 29650    SatNav: 53.76301592,-2.21005586
None Cross stile and head South across field on a diagonal to stile in
09Dyneley stile OS Grid Ref: SD 86422 29302    SatNav: 53.75989516,-2.20743790
None Head South across field to stile on other side.
10Calf Bank stile OS Grid Ref: SD 86463 29078    SatNav: 53.75788342,-2.20679644
None Head South West down slope to beck
11Easden Beck OS Grid Ref: SD 86400 28920    SatNav: 53.75645869,-2.20774807
None Head West (right) along North side of beck to gate onto farm track.
12Dyneley Track OS Grid Ref: SD 86308 28883    SatNav: 53.75612531,-2.20914337
None Turn SE (left) along track.
13Pennine Bridleway OS Grid Ref: SD 86479 28784    SatNav: 53.75524010,-2.20654565
None Pass through gate at pathway junction and continue SE on path between
14May Blossom Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 86905 28562    SatNav: 53.75325577,-2.20007742
None Take gates in front of farmhouse and follow path SE.
15Turkey Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 86972 28495    SatNav: 53.75265354,-2.19905463
None Pass through gate and then bear SE on track.
16Railway OS Grid Ref: SD 87385 28243    SatNav: 53.75039882,-2.19278096
None Pass under railway then turn West (left)
17To Holme Chapel OS Grid Ref: SD 87431 28242    SatNav: 53.75039645,-2.19207781
None Follow path North to main road. Path passes Ram Inn, worth a visit.
18A646 OS Grid Ref: SD 87501 28572    SatNav: 53.75336138,-2.19102982
None Cross Burnley road and head briefly East (right) to school on
opposite side.
19School OS Grid Ref: SD 87537 28571    SatNav: 53.75335333,-2.19048827
None Take lane North (left) on West side of school.
20Holme Chapel OS Grid Ref: SD 87611 28717    SatNav: 53.75466686,-2.18937088
None Leave Holme Chapel Lane and take farm track NE (right).
21Bridleway OS Grid Ref: SD 87998 28987    SatNav: 53.75709820,-2.18351302
None Take bridleway North (left) between walls.
22Pendle View OS Grid Ref: SD 88018 29435    SatNav: 53.76112788,-2.18322619
None Pass through metal gate and follow path North on East side of
23Long Causeway OS Grid Ref: SD 88083 29769    SatNav: 53.76413104,-2.18225557
None Briefly take road East (right) to farm buildings.
24Mosseley Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 88165 29746    SatNav: 53.76392621,-2.18101078
None Leave road and take track North (left) beside farm.
25To Causewayside OS Grid Ref: SD 88221 29788    SatNav: 53.76430429,-2.18016068
None Use gate on West side of barn and follow farm track North.
26Causewayside OS Grid Ref: SD 88330 29902    SatNav: 53.76533275,-2.17851246
None Cross wall on East side side of path and head NE.
27Under Pylon OS Grid Ref: SD 88437 29981    SatNav: 53.76604437,-2.17689626
None Use sile to cross fence and head North towards pylon.
28Middle Pasture Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 88780 30210    SatNav: 53.76811036,-2.17169863
None Cross stile and head North ( Left) to Burnley Way path.
29Burnley Way OS Grid Ref: SD 88795 30344    SatNav: 53.76931985,-2.17146856
None Head NW (left) on Burnley Way along South of wall.
30Middle Pasture Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 88334 30625    SatNav: 53.77183493,-2.17847717
None Pass through gate heading NW on well made track which becomes a road.
31Wild Flower Meadow OS Grid Ref: SD 87472 30968    SatNav: 53.77489172,-2.19156593
None Enter meadow by stile and head SW (left) to main road.
32Red Leas Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 87383 30857    SatNav: 53.77389922,-2.19291885
None Take stile and cross road to follow footpath West (right) through
field on opposite side of road.
33Pair of Steps OS Grid Ref: SD 87173 30830    SatNav: 53.77364760,-2.19609845
None Cross pair of stone steps and head West along North of wall.
34Far Side stile OS Grid Ref: SD 87050 30797    SatNav: 53.77335038,-2.19797088
None Cross pair of stiles on North side of wall and turn NW (right) on
South side of fence.
35Cliviger Exit OS Grid Ref: SD 86689 31085    SatNav: 53.77592790,-2.20345767
None Pass through both sets of gates and take path West (left) down
towards Towneley Hall.
36Down to River OS Grid Ref: SD 86144 31025    SatNav: 53.77537016,-2.21173178
None Cross stile and follow path down slope.
37Calder Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 86061 31028    SatNav: 53.77539984,-2.21299301
None Take footbridge over river and head NW (right) along edge of sports
38Garden Centre OS Grid Ref: SD 85814 31125    SatNav: 53.77626728,-2.21673821
None Take gate and path to head NW to main drive.
39Deer Park Drive OS Grid Ref: SD 85754 31167    SatNav: 53.77664228,-2.21765243
None Head SW (left) on drive back to Towneley Hall
40The End OS Grid Ref: SD 85469 30931    SatNav: 53.77451000,-2.22196000
None All done.

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