Rossendale Circular from Water (5 miles)

Walk starts from Dean Lane, Water in Rossendale
(01Start on map) and follows anticlockwise  
circular route via Small Shaw trig point.
Food and drink available in Water.
Parking on Dean Lane (BB4 9RE).

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 84228 25795
Start from Dean Lane, Water.
Parking in Dean Lane.
Take Bridge Street South over stream.
02Waterfold OS Grid Ref: SD 84336 25637
Leave lane by taking stile into field and head SE along north side of dyke.
03Height Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 84480 25576
Take stile and keep heaqding along North of boundary towards wind turbine.
04Wind Turbine OS Grid Ref: SD 84552 25509
Keep heading SE along field boundary.
05Turbine Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 84653 25455
Cross into field and keep heading SE along field boundary.
06Farm Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 84797 25391
Take gate and head SE along track towards farm buildings.
08Carr Rd Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 85002 25298
Take path between farm buildings to road on East of farm.
Head briefly South on Carr Road.
09Prince Bank OS Grid Ref: SD 85060 25272
Leave Road and take track SE along North side of gully.
10Fox Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 85173 25229
Cross stile into field and keep heading SE along North side of gully.
11Small Shaw OS Grid Ref: SD 85526 24973
Take stile and head SE along clear depression toward trig point.
12Shaw Gully OS Grid Ref: SD 85874 24729
Continue SE along depression to Trig point.
13Small Shaw Trig OS Grid Ref: SD 86025 24623
Cross stile by trig point and follow wall North.
14Dean Height OS Grid Ref: SD 86139 24726
Head North along East side of wall.
15Bacup Old Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 86265 25144
Keep heading North along East side of wall via stile.
16Long Dike OS Grid Ref: SD 86320 25314
Continue North along East of field boundary to farm track.
17Farm Track OS Grid Ref: SD 86426 25518
Cross farm track and head North towards pylon.
18Lime Field OS Grid Ref: SD 86461 25595
Continue North along West side of field boundary.
20Pylon OS Grid Ref: SD 86555 25830
Pass by pylon heading North to stiles out of field and onto Bacup Old Road.
21Old Road OS Grid Ref: SD 86624 26029
Take Road North past chalet.
22Harrow Styles Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 86682 26212
Turn West at lane junction and follow lane into farm yard.
24Styles Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 86100 26110
Take stile into fields to west of farm buildings.
25All weather paddock OS Grid Ref: SD 85883 26057
Use stile to folllow path towards farm buildings.
26aClifton OS Grid Ref: SD 85793 26088
Cross track and make way around North side of Clifton.
26bBehind Clifton OS Grid Ref: SD 85753 26096
At gateway head North along East side of wall.
27Rossendale Way OS Grid Ref: SD 85649 26209
Take stile onto Rossendale Way.
Turn West briefly then NW along West side of wall.
28Climb Wall OS Grid Ref: SD 85350 26345
Use stone steps to cross wall and contine NW along West side of wall.
29Great Wall OS Grid Ref: SD 85187 26445
Stay on South side of high wall and head West.
30Fox Den OS Grid Ref: SD 84953 26500
Head SW away from wall towards farm buildings below.
31New wood OS Grid Ref: SD 84879 26474
Continue SW along path.
32Top of steps OS Grid Ref: SD 84778 26425
Take steps down to farm track and cross track to path to North of barn.
33 Under Pylon OS Grid Ref: SD 84641 26323
Follow path SW between fences.
34Ford Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 84500 26222
Take stile into field and head across field.
35East Bank OS Grid Ref: SD 84342 26106
Take stile and head South towards houses.
36Dean Fold Terrace OS Grid Ref: SD 84258 25927
Leave field and take path South between houses and down Dean Fold to Dean Lane.
37Dean Fold OS Grid Ref: SD 84279 25824
Turn West back to start.

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