Westhoughton Common Circular (5 miles)

Walk starts opposite Cowburn St Hindley
(01 start on map) and follows anti clockwise circular 
route around Westhoughton Common.
Parking at start[WN2 4BY] and end.[WN2 4BT]

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 62805 05087    SatNav: 53.54110253,-2.56274136
None Take footpath North on east side of cemetery wall.Parking available in Hindley Mill Lane where the walk ends.
02Railway OS Grid Ref: SD 62691 05400    SatNav: 53.54390928,-2.56449016
None Continue North via railway bridge,
03Duck Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 62768 05792    SatNav: 53.54743300,-2.56337436
None Continue North on farm track.
04Borsdane OS Grid Ref: SD 62865 05877    SatNav: 53.54820750,-2.56192061
None Continue North past Borsdane Farm.
05Kennel OS Grid Ref: SD 62974 06330    SatNav: 53.55228380,-2.56032738
None Briefly take track East.
06Sheep OS Grid Ref: SD 63023 06312    SatNav: 53.55212286,-2.55959245
None Take turn North to edge of field.
07Field OS Grid Ref: SD 63139 06562    SatNav: 53.55437757,-2.55786511
None Head NE over field.
08Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 63254 06717    SatNav: 53.55577814,-2.55615922
None Cross stream via bridge and continue NE to trees.
09Old Railway OS Grid Ref: SD 63314 06853    SatNav: 53.55700658,-2.55526336
None Options here, can follow path North along hedge or descend bank to
soggy disused railway and follow it North.
10Cross Track OS Grid Ref: SD 63265 07043    SatNav: 53.55871456,-2.55602511
None Carefully descend to disused rail track and cross East to path on
opposite bank. Follow path to farm.
11Taylor Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 63352 07005    SatNav: 53.55837679,-2.55470547
None Take stile onto Dodds Lane and head North.
12Dodds Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 63347 07126    SatNav: 53.55946656,-2.55480202
Continue NE along lane.
13Barn OS Grid Ref: SD 63417 07184    SatNav: 53.55998912,-2.55375060
None Continue North around edge of barn.
14Corner OS Grid Ref: SD 63380 07290    SatNav: 53.56094502,-2.55431923
None Continue NE along Dodds Lane.
15Code Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 63933 07721    SatNav: 53.56485760,-2.54602584
None Continue East on lane.
16Fish Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 64040 07725    SatNav: 53.56489583,-2.54440578
Continue NE past industrial buildings.
17Chorley Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 64157 07891    SatNav: 53.56639960,-2.54265698
None Take Chorley Rd SE.
18A6 OS Grid Ref: SD 64300 07787    SatNav: 53.56547568,-2.54048976
None Leave A6 on track SW.
19Reeve House OS Grid Ref: SD 64140 07483    SatNav: 53.56272930,-2.54286083
None Continue South on path.
20Caravan OS Grid Ref: SD 64170 07284    SatNav: 53.56094502,-2.54238876
None Follow path SE.
21Carlies Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 64395 07065    SatNav: 53.55898859,-2.53897699
None Follow substantial track SW.
22Long Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 64235 06799    SatNav: 53.55658595,-2.54135879
None Continue SW on substantial track.
23Golf Club OS Grid Ref: SD 64098 06625    SatNav: 53.55501173,-2.54340800
Bear West on track.
24Rough OS Grid Ref: SD 63968 06619    SatNav: 53.55494800,-2.54536065
None Continue SW on track.
25Cadie OS Grid Ref: SD 63863 06491    SatNav: 53.55379438,-2.54692706
Continue SW on track.
26Rail Track OS Grid Ref: SD 63736 06171    SatNav: 53.55090702,-2.54881533
None Cross disused railtrack and head West.
27Wilson's Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 63568 06204    SatNav: 53.55119385,-2.55135807
None Bear South on track through farm buildings.
28Dogs OS Grid Ref: SD 63675 05881    SatNav: 53.54829993,-2.54969510
None Follow farm track South.
29Rail NW OS Grid Ref: SD 63544 05675    SatNav: 53.54643854,-2.55165848
None Take track West.
30Pond Again OS Grid Ref: SD 62898 05853    SatNav: 53.54798758,-2.56142976
None Turn South on track.
31Past Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 62803 05785    SatNav: 53.54737562,-2.56284597
Keep South on track.
32Caravan Turn OS Grid Ref: SD 62729 05403    SatNav: 53.54393319,-2.56391885
None Leave main track via footpath on West side.
33Steps Down OS Grid Ref: SD 62502 05405    SatNav: 53.54393319,-2.56735208
None Take steps down to Borsdane Wood.
34Tunnel OS Grid Ref: SD 62470 05308    SatNav: 53.54306616,-2.56782415
None Head South through tunnel.
35Cemetery OS Grid Ref: SD 62480 05200    SatNav: 53.54209711,-2.56765249
None Continue South past cemetery.
36Mill Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 62581 05083    SatNav: 53.54105153,-2.56610754
End of walk

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