White Coppice Great Hill Circular (7.3 miles)

Walk starts from White Coppice cricket ground
(01Start on map) and follows clockwise circular route via 
Wheelton Moor, Tockholes Plantation and Great Hill.
Food and drink available in cricket clubhouse at weekends.
Parking at start [PR6 9DE]

01start cricket club OS Grid Ref: SD 61912 19053
White Coppice Cricket Club.
Follow path to gate at east side of ground.
Snacks available at weekends.
02bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 62022 19028
Bridge over 'The Goit'.
Take path North along west bank of river.
03goit OS Grid Ref: SD 62095 19524
The Goit .
Follow track along 'The Goit' to Trigg Lane
04Trigg Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 62205 20110
Bridge over The Goit.
Turn East over bridge into the wood.
Follow path along East boundary fence then via ruin.
05stile OS Grid Ref: SD 62769 20319
Stile out of 'Plantation'.
Follow path East passing small quary until reach 'Wheelton Moor' track
06wet OS Grid Ref: SD 62987 20116
Substantial track around 'Wheelton Moor'.
Go North along track, cross road down to 'Brinscall'
07ruin OS Grid Ref: SD 63336 20814
Ruined farmhouse.
Take path around ruin, follow path North East along wall.
08step OS Grid Ref: SD 64357 21294
Stepping Stones across stream.
Path heads towards 'Darwin Tower' in the distance.
Head to South end of small plantation.
09bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 64813 21319
Bridge over stream.
Path heads SE across fields leading to gate above farm
10farm OS Grid Ref: SD 65508 20930
Abbeyville farm.
Take track from farm to A675.
Cross road to footpath 50 meters South.
Follow path through wood.
11tockholes OS Grid Ref: SD 65855 21034
Track through Tockholes Plantation.
Follow path south through wood.
12mill lane OS Grid Ref: SD 65948 20467
Footpath joins main track from South.
Follow path along stream with waterfalls back to main road.
13a675 OS Grid Ref: SD 65816 20186
Cross road and travel south to footpath on west side of road.
Take path SW towards summit
14pimms OS Grid Ref: SD 65211 19470
Track to Great Hill summit.
Take track to top of hill
15great hill OS Grid Ref: SD 64585 19063
Top of 'Great Hill'.
Excellent 360 degree views from summit.
Take paved path west down hill.
16drinkwaters OS Grid Ref: SD 63677 19103
Ruined farmhouse 'Drinkwaters'.
Follow path west down hill.
17leave track OS Grid Ref: SD 63388 19168
Track junction.
Branch SW off main track
18quarry OS Grid Ref: SD 62290 18984
Top of quarry.
Follow path down hill to bridge over 'The Goit'
19clubhouse OS Grid Ref: SD 61981 19033
White Coppice cricket ground

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