Wigan Flashes (5 miles)

Walk starts at Westwood Rd Wigan (WN3 5DE) in
order to join the canal and head South.
On leaving the canal the route passes through Wigan Flashes
and Turners Flash before heading back to start.
Parking at start.

01-Start OS Grid Ref: SD 58305 04826    SatNav: 53.53842010,-2.63060330
None Parking in Westwood Rd. Join canal at SE end of Rd.Head South on towpath.
02-Poolstock OS Grid Ref: SD 57838 04418    SatNav: 53.53470920,-2.63759850
Continue South along towpath.
03-Canal Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 58313 03312    SatNav: 53.52481160,-2.63028140
None Continue South along towpath.
04-Reed Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 58394 02728    SatNav: 53.51956220,-2.62897250
None Leave towpath heading SW into woodland. Good picnic spot on Notrh side of path overlooking Ochre Flash
05-Swan Lake OS Grid Ref: SD 58100 02480    SatNav: 53.51731040,-2.63338210
None Take path North into wood.
06-Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 58036 02575    SatNav: 53.51816520,-2.63435840
None Cross footbridge continue North.
07-Ochre Flash OS Grid Ref: SD 57972 02802    SatNav: 53.52020010,-2.63535620
Continue North on path.
08-High School OS Grid Ref: SD 57899 02916    SatNav: 53.52122070,-2.63647200
None Follow path behind school grounds.
09-Sports Hall OS Grid Ref: SD 58146 03008    SatNav: 53.52206260,-2.63274910
Follow path North.
10-Welham Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 57992 03212    SatNav: 53.52388040,-2.63509870
None Head North along path.
11-Scotsman Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 57946 03387    SatNav: 53.52544940,-2.63582830
Continue North to Scotsman Flash.
12-Scotman Flash OS Grid Ref: SD 57954 03504    SatNav: 53.52650820,-2.63572100
None Follow path SE way from lake.
13-Footbridge OS Grid Ref: SD 58091 03309    SatNav: 53.52476060,-2.63361810
None Head East over small footbridge then over canal bridge onto East
towpath. Head briefly North before taking path East.
14-To Turners OS Grid Ref: SD 58466 03312    SatNav: 53.52482440,-2.62796400
None Take path SE to Turners Flash.
15-Turners Flash OS Grid Ref: SD 58639 03153    SatNav: 53.52340840,-2.62534620
Take path NE back to hard path
16-Hard Path OS Grid Ref: SD 58768 03362    SatNav: 53.52529640,-2.62341500
Take hard path NE.
17-Stonescape OS Grid Ref: SD 59002 03617    SatNav: 53.52760000,-2.61992000
None At Stonescape compound follow path on its South then West boundary to
end of cemetry and sewage works.
18-Sewage Works OS Grid Ref: SD 58713 04211    SatNav: 53.53292370,-2.62435910
None Take path West, may need peg on nose. When meet main road cross onto footpath and continue West to canal.
19-New Rd OS Grid Ref: SD 58046 04077    SatNav: 53.53166110,-2.63440130
None Follow towpath on East side of canal North.
20-Lock OS Grid Ref: SD 57901 04240    SatNav: 53.53311500,-2.63661150
None Cross canal onto west bank, continue North.
21-END OS Grid Ref: SD 58288 04831    SatNav: 53.53845840,-2.63086080
None Back at start point.

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