Witton Park Circular (6 miles)

Walk starts from Witton Park car
park (01Start on map) and follows anti 
clockwise circular route via Billinge Wood,
Houghton Bottoms and Pleasington
Parking at start [BB2 2TP]

Food and drink available in Witton Park and 

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 66170 27097    SatNav: 53.73914945,-2.51436777
Witton Country Park car park.
Take path North towards pavillion and cafe.
Visitor centre NW of pavillion is worth a visit.
02Pavillion OS Grid Ref: SD 66039 27230    SatNav: 53.74033783,-2.51636728
Take path East behind pavillion.
Visitor centre NW of pavillion is worth a visit.
03Lilly Pond OS Grid Ref: SD 66171 27401    SatNav: 53.74188429,-2.51438353
Take path North up hill at end of lilly pond.
04Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 66173 27530    SatNav: 53.74304267,-2.51436970
Take bridge over stream and follow path up hill
05Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 65958 27761    SatNav: 53.74510554,-2.51765742
Exit wood via gate, head North across field to Under Billinge Lane.
06Under Billinge Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 65741 27937    SatNav: 53.74666935,-2.52096475
Cross road, turn West towards entrance into wood
07Billinge Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 65709 27941    SatNav: 53.74670959,-2.52143975
Follow track North West up hill through wood
08Killiard Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 65347 28138    SatNav: 53.74844875,-2.52695605
Cross Lane to take path West towards brow of Yellow Hills.
09Yellow Hill Quarry OS Grid Ref: SD 64899 27921    SatNav: 53.74647623,-2.53371958
Continue on path West across field.
10School Moor Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 64511 27671    SatNav: 53.74419954,-2.53957937
Take track South to edge of coppice then path SW through coppice to
11Coppice Edge OS Grid Ref: SD 64437 27614    SatNav: 53.74368204,-2.54069994
Take path West across field to Woodcock Hill Road.
12Woodcock Hill Road OS Grid Ref: SD 63818 27727    SatNav: 53.74465694,-2.55009312
Cross road to take path across field towards East side of Close Farm.
13Close Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 63655 27917    SatNav: 53.74634958,-2.55259277
Take path SE behind farm.
14River Darwen OS Grid Ref: SD 63050 27830    SatNav: 53.74552463,-2.56174940
Follow path South along East bank of River Darwen.
15Adventure Camp OS Grid Ref: SD 62837 27449    SatNav: 53.74208596,-2.56492834
Take track South towards Lowe Park Farm then behind farm and down to
16Long Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 62746 27225    SatNav: 53.74006391,-2.56628227
Take lane SE to bend in river
17Bend OS Grid Ref: SD 63045 26955    SatNav: 53.73766012,-2.56172028
Take path South along east of river to bridge.
18Stone Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 62913 26705    SatNav: 53.73540265,-2.56369377
Take track SE to edge of Pleasington Golf Course.
19Golf Course OS Grid Ref: SD 63100 26620    SatNav: 53.73465318,-2.56084642
Leave farm track and follow footpath East along hedge to stile.
20Stile in OS Grid Ref: SD 63150 26610    SatNav: 53.73456685,-2.56008731
Follow path on South side of wall to stile leaving to field.
21Stile Out OS Grid Ref: SD 63384 26550    SatNav: 53.73404277,-2.55653336
Take stile into field and head East on North side of boundary towards
22Priory Close OS Grid Ref: SD 64070 26612    SatNav: 53.73464921,-2.54614198
Follow road East, cross main road (Victoria Rd) and take track East
along side of Pleasington Priory.
23Tower Road OS Grid Ref: SD 64800 26663    SatNav: 53.73515752,-2.53508226
Take road East to bridge over River Darwen.
24Sports Ground OS Grid Ref: SD 65071 26636    SatNav: 53.73493695,-2.53097802
Follow path along south of River Darwen.
25Witton Park Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 66010 27044    SatNav: 53.73866371,-2.51677489
Cross bridge into Witton park.
Take path East back to car park.

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