Witton Weavers Reelers Trail (6 miles)

Walk starts from Stockclough Lane
(01Start on map) and follows anticlockwise circular route
via Stanworth Wood, Abbeyvillage and Tockholes.
Parking at start [BB2 5JR]
Food and drink available in Abbeyvillage and Tockholes.

01Start OS Grid Ref: SD 64941 25131    SatNav: 53.72140009,-2.53276412
Stockclough Lane is good place to park.
Follow road South.
02Leave road OS Grid Ref: SD 64978 24808    SatNav: 53.71849535,-2.53217337
Take track SW off main road between cottages
03Shaw Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 64866 24735    SatNav: 53.71783309,-2.53385955
Take footpath west out of wood into field and downto canal.
04Canal Side OS Grid Ref: SD 64649 24512    SatNav: 53.71582035,-2.53713017
Head west along treeline on edge of canal then downto canal side via
05Leave canal OS Grid Ref: SD 64425 24540    SatNav: 53.71605110,-2.54051596
Take path up hill away from canal to edge of farm land.
06Pylon OS Grid Ref: SD 64390 24520    SatNav: 53.71586904,-2.54104980
Follow field boundary South under motorway and along West edge of
Stanworth Wood.
07aStanworth Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 64260 24094    SatNav: 53.71203231,-2.54296549
Take stile into wood and follow path down to bridge at bottom.
07bRiver Roddlesworth OS Grid Ref: SD 64339 24005    SatNav: 53.71124215,-2.54176755
Take bridge over River Roddlesworth and follow path up opposite bank.
08ridge OS Grid Ref: SD 64412 23914    SatNav: 53.71042902,-2.54064638
Cross stile at top of ridge and take path SE.
09Railway bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 64488 23858    SatNav: 53.70992619,-2.53948675
Cross bridge over railway and take path to North of farm buildings.
10Bradley Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 64629 23758    SatNav: 53.70903947,-2.53734374
Take path South through farm buildings then head South along farm
11Gate OS Grid Ref: SD 64647 23071    SatNav: 53.70286720,-2.53698383
Turn West along North side of hedge at gate.
12Field Junction OS Grid Ref: SD 64593 23035    SatNav: 53.70253805,-2.53780886
Take stile in field corner and head South along East side of Red Lee
13Red Lee Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 64651 22851    SatNav: 53.70088807,-2.53691166
Take stile into Red Lee Wood and follow path down to River
14Roddlesworth Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 64641 22775    SatNav: 53.70020821,-2.53704862
Cross bridge and take track to road.
Cross road and take footpath opposite up the incline and across the field to track.
15Farm lane OS Grid Ref: SD 64447 22687    SatNav: 53.69940053,-2.53997943
Take lane South to Hare and Hounds car park.
16Hare and Hounds car park OS Grid Ref: SD 64301 22402    SatNav: 53.69682922,-2.54215328
Take path West along North side of Rake Brook Reservoir.
17Rake Cottage OS Grid Ref: SD 64823 22286    SatNav: 53.69581911,-2.53422777
Take footpath on West side of Rake House and cross footbridge on the
other side.
18Overspill OS Grid Ref: SD 64840 22348    SatNav: 53.69637836,-2.53398428
Follow path East through wood to Dam wall of Roddlesworth Reservoir.
19Dam Wall OS Grid Ref: SD 65071 22280    SatNav: 53.69578223,-2.53048391
Walk North across Dam wall and follow path East on North side of
20Leave Wood OS Grid Ref: SD 65696 22325    SatNav: 53.69623025,-2.52102502
Take footpath NE up hill towards Higher Hill farm.
21Higher Hill Farm OS Grid Ref: SD 65790 22564    SatNav: 53.69838301,-2.51962087
Head North through paddock to lane on other side.
22Higher Hill Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 65806 22626    SatNav: 53.69894130,-2.51938541
Turn NE towards Tower View Farm then North along road to West of
Cheetham Buildings.
23Cheetham Buildings OS Grid Ref: SD 65820 22700    SatNav: 53.69960731,-2.51918156
Take footpath North on West side of the cottages to Chapels Lane.
24Chapels Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 65788 22900    SatNav: 53.70140275,-2.51968838
Take road North past church yard.
25United Reform Church OS Grid Ref: SD 65856 23025    SatNav: 53.70253069,-2.51867224
Follow road North then NE to St Stephens church.
26St Stephens Church OS Grid Ref: SD 66029 23395    SatNav: 53.70586508,-2.51608967
Turn North on road on East side of church.
27Leave road OS Grid Ref: SD 66006 23516    SatNav: 53.70695673,-2.51645562
Follow footpath North on East side of hedge to stile.
28Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 66012 23636    SatNav: 53.70803808,-2.51638019
Use stile to head NW along South side of hedge.
29Cross Hedge OS Grid Ref: SD 65873 23811    SatNav: 53.70959578,-2.51850181
Cross over to North side of hedge and head NW towards field corner.
30To Bridge OS Grid Ref: SD 65692 23941    SatNav: 53.71075332,-2.52126491
Exit filed by stile and follow path through coppice to stream.
31Sheep Bridge Brook OS Grid Ref: SD 65644 23999    SatNav: 53.71127417,-2.52198785
Cross footbridge and follow path up incline then NW along West side
of fence.
32Motorway Stile OS Grid Ref: SD 65524 24139    SatNav: 53.71252307,-2.52382231
Use stile to follow path West between motorway and hedge.
33Stockclough Lane OS Grid Ref: SD 65218 24171    SatNav: 53.71279372,-2.52847142
Follow Stockclough Lane North under M65 back to start.

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